A unique school in the city of Syracuse



by  Javier Sergio Ibarra

OnTECH charter High school is a unique school in the city of Syracuse. Located at 810 Willis Ave., OnTECH opened its doors in 2018 and has been adding a grade level each year.

The school is small and welcoming and has many great achievements since opening. OnTECH is community-oriented and provides a powerful sense of academic commitment. The student adult ratio is only 12 to 1. For this reason a more personalized learning experience for the students is guaranteed. The school is focused on the students’ success in their academic achievements, personal skills and future career goals. Founder Ellen Eagan says “I want OnTECH to feel like a second home for the students. Our students don’t just attend school; they want to be here. Our teachers are passionate about teaching and about caring for students and their families. Our goal is to create life-long learners.” When setting foot into the premises there is a welcoming atmosphere from students and staff.

As part of the school program students participate and engage in community issues, events and meet leaders of our city. In fact, just last month Fanny Villarreal attended the school’s community circle to celebrate Women’s History Month and tell the students about her journey through life. Ms. Villarreal has also DJ’d a dance party at OnTECH for Cinco de Mayo. OnTECH aims to not only provide students with joy but a voice to advocate for themselves. This provides a unique opportunity for students to be inspired and become involved in the life of the community they live in.

OnTECH offers a program that allows students to meet educational standards with the flexibility that highschoolers need to shape and prepare for their future. Being a year-round school, during a summer program students have the opportunity to make up credits and be employed at the school. Thus, students can obtain a dual benefit of getting an education and gaining life skills while making money. The school has its doors open all year long for students to register and become part of our “family,” says Mr. Gonzalez, a math and tech teacher who has been working with OnTECH since the day it opened.

We need more educational institutions like OnTECH Charter High School, where a purposeful understanding of education has a new meaning and endless potential for achievements. “If I were a kid again, I would have loved to come to Ontech, a year round school with a set summer program.” says Mr. Gonzalez.

OnTECH is still taking applications for all grade levels. Go to Apply2OnTECH.com or call 315-396-0558 to apply. Everyone is welcome.

Javier Sergio Ibarra is a science teacher who recently joined OnTECH.

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