Clean and Protect your Energy

7 Ways to clean and protect your energy
by Raquel Torres

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Einstein

Cleansing our energy is necessary. Just like we take a shower and brush our teeth daily, we should be as intentional with our subtle energy.

Not only to keep it clean and positive, but also to protect it by creating a shield around your aura so that outside negative energies cannot get in your field or affect your energetic vibration.

Use mindfulness to limit your exposure to negativity – This is all about policing your thoughts and intentions. We are what we think we are, so when you constantly focus on how stressed or tired you are, how busy this “awful day” is, then stressed, tired and busy are all you’ll be. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what you’re thinking and how you’re talking to yourself, as well as how the attitudes of those around you affect you. When you achieve this awareness, tuning into positivity, and away from negativity (inside and out), becomes so much easier. You have total control, the fact that something uncomfortable happens in the morning, does not determine or condemn how your whole day will be, you always have total power of how your energy and your day flows.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Take a deep breath?” – Something very simple but very effective that you can apply anywhere at any “stressor” (your car, your office, at the supermarket, etc.) is breathing. Our mind is directly correlated with our breath. By taking slow inhalations and exhalations, you can immediately feel your heart rate lowering. Breathing can help you release stress and negative energy. As soon as you catch yourself feeling out of alignment in a low-vibration state, immediately take a deep breath (or as many breaths as you need).

Visualization – Imagine going to the car wash and looking at the screen with all the different car wash options. This is like the “deep cleaning” (washing, polish, and vacuum) option. Find your happy place, then close your eyes and go there in your mind. No joke! Visualizing a place you love, where you feel safe and calm, is a strong tool to use when it comes to protecting your energy. Maybe you think of your bed, all cozy and piled with comfy blankets. You could opt for a guided meditation to cleanse all of your chakras or energy centers; you can visualize anything that makes you feel relaxed and grounded. The term chakra comes from the classical language of India which means wheel. They are our energy centers and there are seven main ones, distributed along the spine. Either way, by yourself or via guided meditation, you’ll feel refreshed at the end of a visualization!

Clean your physical and mental spaces – Decluttering your zones at home, at work and in your head is a powerful way to protect your energy. Maintaining a solid, grounded mental state is difficult when you’re hemmed in on all sides by physical and emotional stuff. That kind of environment lends itself more to disorder, chaos and stress. Clear and clean everything. Get rid of things (and, yes, also people) that just aren’t doing you any good. From old clothes you’ll never wear again to anxiety-inducing social media you follow and especially to toxic people: donate, un-follow, un-friend. Difficult? Sometimes. But also, totally worth it.

Set boundaries to conserve energy – Learn to say: “that doesn’t work for me”, “maybe some other time” or “no thanks”. Drawing a line beyond which you simply can’t extend yourself is a powerful protective measure that lets you channel your energy, and keeps the draining influences of other people’s demands at a distance. Don’t feel bad for saying no. Your needs are just as important as the next person’s.

Stop giving away your energy – The fact is, you feel drained because you allowed someone or something to take all that happy healthy energy from you. When it comes to saying no and setting boundaries, you have to want to do so. Not because you know you should, but because you understand the benefits of protecting and feeding your own energy, as well as the consequences of always feeding someone else’s.

Control that ego – How much energy do you waste reacting to negative influences, throwing it away on things that just don’t matter? Be honest with yourself about just how much you obsess over that perfectly Instagrammed life, or how easily you’re drawn into an argument over some gossip. Your ego is at work any time you react to toxic energy, worry about looking as good as someone else or try to “fix” someone’s opinion of you. Before you react, pause. Don’t let your ego run your mouth or waste your energy. Ask yourself, first, if this issue is even worth my valuable energy?

Conclusion – You carry energy around you that is constantly formed by what you give and what you receive. You have control over both of them, so why not exercise it? Protecting your energy is crucial to your mental and physical health because it is the ultimate determinant of your overall happiness. We give a lot of ourselves away every day, at work, to our friends, our loved ones. We need to recognize that our needs are just as important as everyone else’s. Protect your energy. Give yourself the gift of a truly healthy headspace, and watch as your achievements follow.

Remember just reading and having the information would not give you results, to have positive results you need to put in the daily and constant work.

I invite you to cultivate this practice because you deserve to feel whole and happy.

Raquel Torres is a Triathlon Coach and Professional Triathlete. Raquel also writes blogs for several magazines and her team Athletic Mentors. Since May 2021 she contributes as a columnist with CNY Latino Newspaper. She shares true life stories with her experiences, also tips and tactics that helps anyone to be their best version. To read about her, head over to and search for her by her name. You can also send questions or comments about her column to the following email:

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