The Truth International

by Juan Carlos Salcedo, Internationalist “Pocho”

Whistleblowers and Democracy

All of us have been benefited in some way by men and women who dared to blow the whistle on wrongdoing, violations of the law on health, the economy, security, or the essential rights of citizens whether in the private or public sectors.

These whistleblowers of all ages and backgrounds put at risk their sources of work, their safety, and are subject in many cases to legal action, and pressure from employers or governments that begin their attacks immediately the complaint is made public, and persist often for years.

Today we speak with Louis Clark, the chief executive of the Government Responsibility Project, the world’s leading organization in defense of whistleblowers. This organization has been providing support to worldwide denouncers since 1977. This is an out of the ordinary guest for a very out of the ordinary subject matter.

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