Ezekiel… a Poem

by Eileen Provided by Linda DeStefano Translated into Spanish by Rob English Warm, sultry summer day Sitting pensively in my old back yard Thinking how my life has traveled through many changes Good, bad, amazing, Melba toast Always grateful that I have ridden the waves And kept my head above the rising tides. Lost in thought, I felt a presence... A winged presence in the sky Looking across the field, soaring towards me His flight was headed towards songs I softly sang. Coincidence or gift of the divine A beautiful creature floating to me, as if deliberate Ezekiel was the ...
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The Jewish Community in Venezuela

by Miguel Balbuena Venezuela has recently been ruled by the government of President Hugo Chavez, who served four terms in office between 1999 and 2013, and, then, by the administration of President Nicolas Maduro, who succeeded Commandant Chavez, both being officials of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (USPV), in power for 19 years now. The policies enacted by the USPV have led to a significant drop in the Jewish population staying in this Caribbean country. Thousands of Venezuelans of Jewish ancestry have chosen to live in self-imposed exile. It happens that many of these expatriates are prominent members of ...
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What is depression and how do I treat it?

HEALTH... by Adrián Martínez Mood can affect many things in your life. When you feel down or hopeless, you might also notice changes in sleep, appetite, concentration, or energy. You might feel less interested in everyday activities or hobbies, or you might feel like you are moving more slowly. At your worst, you may also feel like you want to hurt yourself or end your life. If you are regularly feeling any combination of these, you might have depression. You may be inclined to dismiss it or let it continue because you think it will eventually get better. You may ...
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