Spanish All Over

by Caitlin Murphy

In the United States, the influence of the Hispanic world is growing. More and more people are learning Spanish so that they can have access to more opportunities. The ability to speak Spanish opens many doors for people. Although the ability to speak Spanish can have many benefits, many schools in the United States lack a focus on the languages. There should be a greater emphasis in the language because there are many advantages in jobs and daily life. The Hispanic people have created a new culture in the United States, and everyday, their influence grows. It is important to learn about the language and the culture of Hispanics in the United States in order to take advantage of the benefits and to be an educated and cultured person.

The Spanish influence can be seen in every community. In cities, like Boston, New York, and Chicago, there is a larger population that speaks Spanish. When I travel to the city, I can better see the Hispanic culture.  My ability to speak has allowed me to help people when I visit homeless shelters in Boston. In Boston, there are a lot of art and cultural events that celebrate the Hispanic community. In my Spanish class, we celebrated Spanish holidays, and we learned about culture. My school did not put a large focus on taking a second language. The effort to learn another language, especially Spanish, can reap a lot of benefits.  I think that there needs to be more emphasis on languages in the United States because other countries are much more advanced in this area.

Spanish is becoming more and more popular in the medical field. According to the article, “Bridging the Gap: the Benefits of Spanish-Speaking Physicians,” about 74% of under-privileged patients speak very limited English.  The article “Search Campus and Health News” says that when doctors can communicate better with their patients, they feel more comfortable.  Comfortable patients respond better to treatment.

In conclusion, the influence of Spanish can be seen in every community and has created a new culture in the United States.  The skill of speaking Spanish is something very important that should be required in schools.  This ability helps people gain opportunities in their lives and to learn of a new, beautiful culture.  Hispanics make up a large percentage of the United States’ population; because of this, it is very important that more people learn their language and culture.

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