A Moment Of Reflection
by Lilia M. Fiallo

“Do not lie to me because if you lie to me, it’s not me you’re lying to, it’s yourself” (Unknown author)

In life everything has a first step and although we feel about any issue that we choose, we go ahead without worrying. We clearly know that we have a free will; act, speak on our own responsibility with a clean spirit and transparent in all actions of life. Bad decision of a person to try to cheat, betray, to steal, to lie, judge, criticize censor or cause some evil to something or someone else, because they can’t do the same against their own being.

Lying is a malignant feeling that, like the vine climbs up to reach disastrous results. At a very young age -although it is hard to believe- a human being learns to differentiate between good and evil, namely the truth of things, to know the world that surrounds him; the creatures are copying like a tape record and they are storing what they see and hear, and the parents, vigilantes of their children, are realizing the inclinations of human nature in the heart of each of them allowing them to correct them in time.

One lie carries another and another. When the phone rings, the mother tells Sarita: “Answer and if it’s your uncle Pablo, tell him I left early”. They knock on the door and mother whispers in Martin’s ear: “Go open and if it’s the neighbor, tell her I’m asleep”. While she quickly goes to her room. It is thought that children for being so small they do not understand and it turns out that they understand perfectly. This contains an immense irresponsibility, disregard and disrespect towards children in addition to harsh consequences later, bad example and sow lying in them.

As children grow up they explore the outside world and from what they have learned at home, they make their own destiny. The straight path, the truth as pure, fresh and crystal clear water, the good teachings learned in the home will be the foundations to start an individual journal through life.

There are times when pious lies are told, but… For example, when Ann told her niece: “Thank you Melissa for my birthday gift, I just want to ask you, how much does it cost you?… Melissa was breathless since she remembered the day she was walking and bought the aunt’s gift, she did not have much money and she saw a store that advertised incredible promotions and took the opportunity to acquire a good nice and cheap pajama set and good gown. Melissa did not know what to say with regret decided to raise the price so that the aunt did not think she had given him something so inexpensive and she answered, but she did not imagine, that the aunt took the money from her wallet to buy two sets. Now Melissa was really bad, on the one hand, the lie, and on the other, how was she going repay the money that increased unintentionally?

Whatever it is, lie is a bad feeling. It is better to be authentic, let them think what they want to think of your when you present yourself as you are. Often, mixing intelligence with lies, sooner or later the truth will come to light and the one who lie will look bad and is the one who suffers his own yoke. It is even worse mixing cunning without intelligence remaining in evidence and having a hard time. The pathological or mythological, lies has as an addiction and lies unconsciously, does not care about it, does not care about the effects of such action and reveals a mental disorder, caused by a lack of affection which gives us one of many answers: everything is born in the bosom of the home.

It depends on you that life is not a lie!