Balance: Yin and yang…


Letters from a Lesbian…

by Lauren Shiro

Dear World,

Within the last month, someone I knew died, someone I knew had a baby, one of our birds passed away, and we got a puppy.

That’s the circle of life, isn’t it? Birth and death, passing and life anew. It does seem, in my experience, that life truly does balance. Just like in my case. On the same day that a friend passed away, another friend had a baby. And that with us losing a feathered companion, a little furry one entered our lives soon thereafter.

Spring is typically a time of the celebration of new life and new beginnings. Indeed with blossoming flowers, sunlight, and warmer temperatures, we have a lot to enjoy. Though, there are rainy days in the spring. There will be dark and sad days. Life is about balance: day and night, summer and winter, sunshine and rain, life and death.

So remember during the dark and sad times that they won’t last forever. They may be tough, they may be draining, they may even seem relentless. But fear not, because things will balance out. There will be good to counter the bad. Balance. Yin and yang.

So just as we are both mourning and celebrating, which is difficult and confusing at times, take the time to feel whichever emotions you are experiencing at this very moment. It’s ok to feel multiple emotions at once. I am. I am working through it, and I am letting things ebb and flow and balance, just as life would do.

So enjoy the days and weather, the balance, and all that life has to offer.

Live life in your own special way,