I Can’t wait to…

I can’t wait to explore the outdoors at camp!

I can’t wait to attend a sleepover with all my friends!

I can’t wait to travel the world!

I can’t wait to help make the world a better place!

When a girl says, “I can’t wait to,” you know that what’s coming next is something she’s excited about. Whether she’s talking about tomorrow’s field trip or the big game next Saturday, the wide-eyed anticipation is one of the best parts of childhood.

Whatever your daughter can’t wait to do – it’s possible with Girl Scouts!

Our goal is to instill confidence, leadership skills, and a collaborative spirit in girls. But the key to teaching them those life lessons is imparting fun, imagination, and the joy of anticipation into everything we do.

By joining Girl Scouts, your daughter will have leadership experiences that will let her know she can do anything she sets her mind to. That feeling starts with parents/caretakers who encourage their daughters, and volunteers who are role models.

“Girl Scouts has helped me to get to where I am today because of the values it taught me. Hard work, leadership, working for what you want, discipline, trying new things, the list goes on and on,” says Amelia Trenga, an adult Girl Scout from Fayetteville. “Scouting instills values in a person that just can’t come from a sports team or a school play. Girl Scouts teaches the values that will stick with a person and mold a person for life.”

Girl Scouts have fun, make lasting friendships in a safe group you can trust.

Girls in kindergarten through 12th grade can be part of Girl Scouts in a variety of ways. Girls can join a troop, take part in a series of activities, participate in programs or events, attend camp, travel with their Girl Scout friends, or be part in a virtual environment.

Several events are being planned in our area where you can meet Girl Scouts and learn more about getting your daughter involved.

Through Girl Scouts anything is possible! For more information contact the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways at 800.943.4414 or online at https://www.gsnypenn.org/join. You can also view the fun that girls have had through Girl Scouts at www.facebook.com/GSNYPENN.

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