Always give your best!

A Moment to Reflect

by Lilia M. Fiallo

Everyone, once they reach the reasoning age of seven years old, learns to know the difference between right and wrong. Being able to distinguish the difference between good and evil is fundamental in order to live in our society. Positive feelings such as bliss and enthusiasm just as well as negative feelings such as sadness and melancholy are triggered by reasons that cause and impact such as joy over finding employment or sadness over spending time on useless or superficial things.

Virtues are habits that lead us to do well, they may be natural to some people or they may be acquired over time. Being nice, noble and approachable are virtues. For example, consideration and charity with older people like grandparents, becomes a part of it and the most important thing is that it comforts the spirit and feeds the soul.

The Values channel initiates with the interaction with parents; they must establish a space to be with their children. It is of vital importance for parents to be a presence throughout childhood and adolescence. This way, little ones may build one step at a time, the steel columns to become their personality.

Values are directed toward personal growth by way of intellectual commitment. Personal cleanliness and proper presentation elevate self-esteem and reflect the level of acceptance from others. In the same way, when a person completes their tasks well, when they have a peaceful life, this is evidenced in their physical aspect because their face shines and their energy becomes contagious.

Values area the treasure of the soul and man knows this. These area treasures that you may not be able to grasp with your hand but you area able to perceive in your heart, they exist in every human being as a wonderful aspect of life.

If these treasures from the soul are set aside by being extravagant in making large purchases, possessing and infinite desire to purchase expensive things in order to change the appearance of ones´ life and attempting to make others think things are doing wonderful, these are all components of lying to oneself. If one crosses through life and after years one faces a difficult reality or an unfortunate event, one tries to go back and that is when one recognizes that those archived treasures like peace and tranquility, cannot be purchased with money. In the same vein, we are no able to purchase the lacking love and affection that one misses because it is not equally given in the same way to their family members.

Good deeds, intentions, words and transparency in all acts in the lifetime of a persona, are the legacy they leave behind, the way they give themselves to others.

Lilia M. Fiallo was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where, between tasks and free time, she found a place to write about subjects, somehow forgotten by others. With gold letters engraved in her memory, she began her working life, in the heart of the technical part, of the air traffic control of her native country. In the midst of aeronautical phraseology and codes, the world of aviation gave her one of the highest experiences, because of the precision required by this craft, where a single mistake could cost many lives. It is there, where in her concern to communicate her ideas, she begins to write with dedication, themes a little relegated by society, the Church and the State. Discovering a truth that nobody wants to talk about, but much more real and everyday, than it seems. It is thus, as it appears, her first work, “Parir por palir”.

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