Hannukah, Shooting and Carols


Happy Hannukah!

Of course, Christmas celebrations are the essence of NYC’s December festivities, but we can’t also forget that the Big Apple is home of one the most vibrant, populated and active Jewish communities in the planet. Besides, why just celebrate one day of tradition, presents and joy when you can have eight? From December 6th to December 14th New York City changed its Christmas trees, eggnog and mistletoes for Menorah’s, chocolate gelt and dreidels to celebrate one of the most important weeks for all Jews throughout the city, with special events such as the celebrated Night Hannukah Gala hold at Lower Manhattan’s Museum of Jewish Heritage and the 7th Annual Latke Festival, where kosher food and potato latkes were the stars of the celebration. And of course, what better way to be part of the spirit than eating in a traditional Jewish Deli? These cozy, endearing eateries are an indelible part of the ol’ New York history, and absolute classics like Bowery’s Katz’s Deli or the Ukranian Veselka at East Village were frequented spots during the last month.

Shooting at the Bronx

Startling news from the Bronx, where a man drew a gun and shot three times to a 21-year old employee of a C-Town supermarket in 564 Southern Boulevard. Apparently the victim of the tragic event was a selected target and not a random casualty, but fortunately he seems to be stable and recovering well in a hospital…despite the fact that he received three shots in his torso! The police are still searching the suspect’s whereabouts in order to prevent further crimes.

Christmas Carols at Washington Square Park

But let’s forget gloomy thoughts for a moment…it’s Christmas, after all! New York City is packed with all kinds of holiday events throughout the five boroughs, and one of the most beloved and celebrated are undoubtedly the gathering below the Washington Square Park Arch’s Christmas tree where since dozens of people have been singing Christmas carols every Christmas Eve from 170 years… now that’s a long time tradition! Washington Square Park Association is the responsible of bringing joy and holiday spirit to anyone who want to be part of this lovely sing along classic, providing booklets for free with the lyrics of Rudolph the Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Dreidel, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and the fan favorite Twelve Days of Christmas, among others.

And that’s all for 2015. Happy holidays, everyone! 

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