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“Running more than athletics, it’s a Lifestyle”

by Raquel Torres

Running is an excellent physical activity not only to get fit, but to feel good, and even meet new friends. Starting a new habit does not have to be complicated, running is one of the most practical, and affordable of all disciplines, because we simply need a pair of running shoes (in good conditions) and the desire to move, wherever you are, or if you want to run a little or a lot, everything is at your own pace.

For those who want to start this new discipline it is highly recommended that the first thing to do is to set a goal, look for a race, register and put it on your calendar. For those who are starting from scratch, those who have no running experience or people who may have experience, but they feel very out of shape, for any reason, it is advisable to first look for a local event close by your home and a short distance like a 5K or 10K. Every distance is possible for any level, we only need enough time to train and prepare for the distance.

The goal that you set will be the main pillar from which workouts, nutrition and rest will be combined.

The goal will help you to focus on the really important things, it will be the reason to strive every day and build discipline.

Some of the benefits of running is feeling happy, if you are already a runner you have experienced this, no matter how you feel good or bad, after running or doing a physical activity you will feel better, this goes beyond the so-called “High Runners”, is the production of “happiness hormones” (endorphins). Studies in sports medicine confirm, since only exercising on a treadmill for 30 minutes is able to significantly improve some mental and emotional disorders such as depression.

How to start training: The Run / Walk Method is an excellent option for those who have never run and for runners to improve their times. Contrary to what many people think, this technique doesn’t mean to walk when you are “tired”, it means to take recovery walks.

You must use this technique of running / walking that best suits you, here some examples:

                           Running time    +      Walk time

Beginner =           10-30 Secs          +       1-2 minutes

Intermediate =     1-5 minutes      +      1-2 minutes

The technique is simple: for example try to do a total of 20-30 minutes of exercise, dividing 1 to 5 minutes running + 1 to 5 minutes walking.

It is good to identify where you are and what your personal goals are, if you have any questions look for a running coach’s advice.

Setting short term goals will help you to stay motivated, always take 1 or 2 days off every

week and try to run/walk at least 3 times a week.

Again, set short and long-term goals, make your plan, be patient and enjoy the whole process.

Raquel Torres is a Triathlon Coach and Professional Triathlete. Raquel also writes blogs for several magazines and her team Athletic Mentors. Since May 2021 she contributes as a columnist with CNY Latino Newspaper. She shares true life stories with her experiences, also tips and tactics that helps anyone to be their best version. To read about her, head over to and search for her by her name. You can also send questions or comments about her column to the following email:

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