#INOURWORDS Apparel Company’s #BELIKEHARRIET Tshirt Available at The Life@Salt City Market!

For Immediate Release March 12, 2021

Ashley McLeod, Director, announces the business will sell its #BeLikeHarriet tshirt at The Life@Salt City Market. #InOurWords Apparel Company is a division of Gwen, Inc. The Life@Salt City Market is the new retail space for GL Imprinting, a social enterprise of the Good Life Foundation for Youth. #InOurWords Apparel Company collaborates with GL Imprinting to create its exclusive inspirational product lines for women.

“We are so excited to have our #BeLikeHarriet tshirt on sale at The Life@Salt City Market. This tshirt is one of our best sellers. Our goal with the tshirt is to inspire customers to demonstrate the values of Harriet Tubman as they discover their inner beast and use their voices for good. This is

the first product we will place at The Life@Salt City Market. We look forward to selling additional products at this location in the future.” #InOurWords Apparel Company is located in Auburn, New York which is Harriet Tubman’s final home and resting place.

The #BeLikeHarriet tshirt will be available for purchase at The Life@Salt City Market beginning on March 12th at the retail store at 484 S. Salina Street in Syracuse, NY. #InOurWords Apparel Company designs clothing to share our favorite phrases with others. Our goal is to inspire women to be the best they can be. When a woman wears our apparel, we hope it connects her with her inner beast, inner beauty and inner ambition.

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