New York Fashion Week Invasion

New York City Connection

Suit Up! NYFW takes over New York City

Time to hit the catwalk! Last month NYC was invaded by beauty bloggers, pretty people and the trendiest, avant-garde clothing designs for the long-awaited New York Fashion Week, one of the biggest events of this kind in the entire planet. From Thursday the 11th to Thursday the 18th the Big Apple held numerous shows and special events in order to show to specialized press not only most stylish and chic creations of the biggest fashion designers alive, but also please the most exigent fashionistas with plenty of activities throughout the city. Free paint classes in Tribeca, luxurious cocktail presentations in Midtown posh restaurants and, of course, the indispensable fashion shows at the Chelsea Piers with the latest surprises from the minds of Custo or Desigual among others are just some examples of what happened in a city completely absorbed by the rush of being a first-hand witness of the future of international fashion.

Iconic Pepsi Cola goes for the landmark race

It is more than clear that if you want to be amazed with gigantic, bright and shiny ad signs in NYC, Times Square is the place to go. Nonetheless, there some unique, charming remnants of the golden age of advertising that can still be found along the city. Possibly the huge Pepsi-Cola sign located in Long Island City shore (Queens) is the most famous one, and for that it may be awarded with a well-deserved and proper recognition: the landmark status. Originally from the 1930’s decade, the beloved symbol of a now disappeared Pepsi factory has endured through the years as a refreshing (pun intended) and very recognizable sight for millions of New Yorkers, and for that it has been nominated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission for this honorable denomination, desired by many but only conceded to a few lucky winners.

Batman arrested in Times Square…for stealing?

At first sight, no one would ever imagine that a rich guy like Batman would try to steal money, even more from a tourist. But, believe it or not, that’s what supposedly happened last Wednesday February 24th around 8:30PM, when a performer dresses as the Dark Knight itself was accused of larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, being consequently subdued by the NYPD police. According to, the arrested superhero stole a $50 bill from an open wallet, taking advantage of a tourist’s neglect. Incredibly, this is not the first time that Batman causes trouble in Times Square. Earlier in the same month, another Caped Crusader impersonator was arrested for similar reasons. Without a doubt, this is not the hero Gotham (aka New York City) deserves, neither the one that need in this moment.

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