Grupo Pagán will be performing in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro July 1-12 in a cultural exchange tour sharing music at churches, non-governmental organizations, percussion schools, and the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, UNIRIO. Traveling is the ‘lite’ trio version of Edgar Pagán, Bill DiCosimo, and Josh Dekaney. Grupo Pagán will be hosted most notably by the Meninos do Morumbi, a premier non-governmental organization that provides arts, music, and meals for school kids in the impoverished area of Morumbi, São Paulo. In recent years, this organization has hosted illustrious visitors such as George W. Bush, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, and Colin Powell.

 The performances will feature Grupo Pagán’s original  music  as well as mambo, cha cha cha, gospel, Jazz, and  Latin pop.  As part of this musical and cultural experience  Grupo Pagán  will also host ‘neighborhood’ jam sessions  after the shows  improvising music on the spot with the  local Brazilians.

 Additionally, the band will present a performance and  two  workshops on American and Latin American musical  styles  and music business at the renowned UNIRIO, the  FederalUniversity of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The  university is located in Urca, just a few blocks from the  base  of the beautiful Pão de Açucar, Sugarloaf Mountain.

Grupo Pagán is honored to be invited to Brazil and very excited to experience the culture, people, and music of their beautiful country.

Performance schedule to be posted at

For more information contact Edgar Pagán at 315.663.1199 and

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