De Blasio, scourge of the “desnudas”


Times Square, the most famous crossroads in the world and one of the biggest touristic attractions in the entire planet, has always been famous for three things: the mesmerizing and bewildering array of gigantic billboards, the unbearable daily crowds…and the unique human fauna that lurks the area craving, sometimes desperately, for some tips using the most diverse and surrealistic ways. Giant Elmos, pretty Frozen princesses, skinny Captain Americas, Spidermans with a worrying caffeine overdose, Mickey Mouses creepy as hell, apocalyptic religious fanatics, amateur musicians that harass any pedestrian at sight giving “free” CDs and motley crackheads that just want financial sources for their numerous vices take their places every day with the aim to raise as much money as possible. But if the life of these entertainers wasn’t difficult enough, a new challenger approaches: Mayor Bill De Blasio. Man of pious moral and deep family values, New York City’s main politician has recently threatened the very way of life of one of the most controversial branch of these street characters: the “desnudas” (“naked women”, in Spanish). The problem? Yes, you guessed well. Breasts. Female breasts. These girls, from young teenagers to unsettling old women, have been rising controversy (among other things) since time ago, roaming shirtless Times Square with their breasts covered only by body painting with the USA flag colors. Needless to say, no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Buzz Lightyear or barber shop flyer man are a worthy rival for them. The thing is, female nudism is a 100% legal practice, but for the fact that they are using their bodies for commercial purposes. Using this catch as his spearhead, De Blasio is determined to ban for good the activity of these audacious performers by any means necessary…to the point of closing permanently the pedestrian squares in the area! Overreacted reaction towards the female body, or necessary measure to protect children integrity?  It seems that no official decision will be made until October, but at this point we can only hope that this ugly issue doesn’t affect the charismatic Naked Cowboy, pure essence and soul of Times Square and one of the most beloved icons of the Big Apple.

Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and J.J. Abrams together in Midtown ? Not impossible!

Fully dressed and only a few steps ahead of the “desnudas” territory took place the special presentation of the latest Tom Cruise hit in the big screen: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. A long awaited blockbuster whose promotion at the heart of Father Duffy Square brought, to delight of the hundreds of Ethan Hunt fans who crowded the plaza the evening of July 27th, the presence of some of the biggest movie stars of the moment: Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and, of course, Tom Cruise. Presented as “the biggest movie star of the world”, Cruise pleased the crowd along with the rest of the cast who attended this free-for-all event. The Hollywood stars shared personal anecdotes and vicissitudes of the movie creative process and, in a mind blowing final surprise, the man of the hour, J.J. Abrams himself (director of the incoming new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, responsible to resuscitate the long dead franchise Star Trek and creator of Lost) appeared in scene flabbergasting the audience. The geek guru didn’t’ talk much about the new adventures of Luke Skywalker and the rest of the Millennium Falcon crew, but his presence was well applauded and celebrated.

Lost kinkajou found in Queens

What-the-kinka-now? A kinkajou, an adorable small, cat-sized creature similar to a monkey was spotted on August 13th by the photographer César Castillo taking a nap in the woods of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Center in Broad Channel, Queens. It is unknown how an animal native of the South American humid rainforests would have ended in New York, but fortunately the little critter was apprehended safely in order to decide his (or her) new home. Last month was an alligator. Today, a kinkajou. What exotic, amazing animal we would find next month?

And that’s all folks, see you soon!

Javier Peinado

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