Christmas is coming!

New York City Connection

It matters little that there were still weeks until the traditional Thanksgiving dinner: it was early November, and New York City was absolutely ready for Christmas arrival, with Christmas carols sounding at full volume at Times Square major retailers, Salvation Army dedicated volunteers ringing their bells and, of course, the always astonishing decorations in the Fifth Avenue most prestigious malls and luxury shop windows. Gone were those times where November was the month of the turkey, the squash cream and the cranberry sauce. Christmas is now the year’s main course, and New Yorkers don’t want to wait for December anymore to feel its winterly charm. The offer of endearing activities for these days cover all budgets, from the free ice skating rink at Bryant Park to the indispensable Rockettes show at Radio City Music Hall…we just only have to wait for the snow to cry out loud that Christmas is finally here!

There’s been an awakening…in Times Square

But Christmas is not the only reason that millions of people are crossing off days in the calendar. December 18th will be the premiere day of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the new and wildly anticipated movie of the franchise created by George Lucas almost forty years ago and now commanded by Disney and the director J.J.Abrams. To allay the fans anxieties, Discovery Museum at Times Square inaugurated last Saturday November 14th Star Wars and the Power of Costume, a brilliant exhibition where we can live the six movies through the stunning wardrobe displayed by its unforgettable characters.

The flamboyant dresses of Queen Amidala, the sober robes of Jedis and Sith, the plating of C-3PO, R2-D2 and the new spherical droid BB-8 and the now controversial metal bikini of Princess Leia are only a few examples of what the hardcore Star Wars fans will discover. The cherry on the top: the last chamber, where we can admire six of some of the heroes and villains of The Force Awakens. An experience from another galaxy!

Apple Store madness

No, I am not talking about the crowds gathering around the new Iphone release. Apparently, according to the Gothamist site, a man tried to commit suicide last November 21st through the hara kiri ritual (impaling himself with a sword in kneeled position) nothing less than in the iconic Apple Store in Fifth Avenue. Moreover, the agitator had caused quite an impression minutes before yelling at the associates, threatening customers with the sword and even reciting a countdown, reason for which many people thought that the aggressor could handle a hidden bomb. Fortunately nobody got hurt, and the authorities handled the situation at the exterior of the superstore.


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