X-ray of Bad Parenting

A Moment of Reflection
by Lilia M. Fiallo

An educated child is the one who learns how to say thank you, please, shows respect, shows moral values and virtues as the foundations for his personality.

Have you read once about the Oedipus complex?

In the fall of 1986, reach the world Daniel, a precious baby, filling of joy to their parents.

At age 5 he enjoys affection, tenderness and love. He started his school life in the child center Las Margaritas. His parents decide that the child would not wake up early to go to the center so he started at 12 noon. When he is six years old, the aunt Eugenia gives him a guitar. It lasts almost an hour in his hands. He takes it apart completely. Neither the father nor the mother accepted a word against their son. Bad habits are nested. They will take everything to his bed.

He reaches age seven. He began his primary studies, also in the afternoon. The aunt Eugenia gives him for his birthday, a special child´s keyboards. This instrument lasted a little more in his hands. The next day it was shattered. At age eight, he manages to outwit the grandmother who takes a NAP. He enters the next room and destroyed the answering machine. The mother rejects any accusation against her son.

His father died when Daniel was nine years old. Daniel begins to take rights over his mother. He simply manipulates her. She doesn’t follow any advice or suggestion. He completes his primary studies, continues his high school in the afternoon. As always, his MOM brings him the food to his bed. “Mommy, something liquid”, as he shouts, and she runs. He never knows how to give thanks, he doesn’t know how to say please or bow his head to anyone.

Daniel has 20 years. He completes internships successfully. He becomes a character that is irresistible in the eyes of them that beset him, relentlessly. The mother requires an urgent operation. She receives an inheritance in time. There is no operation. Soon the money disappears in favoritisms for the child.
Daniel is 21 years old. He is immature, arrogant. Soon he works in good position. He enters and leaves different companies, he doesn´t like the environment. The mother works tirelessly. They give her the husband’s pension. She receives a large amount of retroactive money. Daniel has extended is tentacles. She tells him how much money there is. The operation is still pending. All of the mistakes of his childhood are still there.

The mother buys a motorcycle to Daniel. He has tree accidents. He continues with the bike. They remodel the House to Daniel’s taste with the latest technology. Daniel speaks with his friends. He manipulates his mother for money to assist them, one of many that they lay siege to it. No, it is not one, two. It’s been 5 years and the money are not repaid. MOM buys a car for Daniel. The operation is now more urgent. The neighbors are alarmed to see Daniel’s mother so badly ill. The mother has an appointment to the doctor at 8 in the morning. She goes alone, far away using a cane since her son does not like to get up early. We see Daniel’s mother alone and full of packages.

Currently, she prepares his food, takes it to his bed. Daniel does not work. From Monday to Friday staying at home, Saturday and Sunday he goes out with friends. He is pending the return of money.
Daniel threats his mother bad for everything. The mother walks with a cane. “Be patient with her, she is already old, auntie”, says Daniel, in the presence of his mother.

Camilo – a neighbor- who has important position and power. Always listen to the treatment by Daniel to his mother. Camilo speaks with Daniel’s mother. “I will solve that problem, Lady, is not worry” The next day. tree cars arrived: one of the police, other social service and other the Government. By megaphone is heard: “Daniel Suex Rios, open the door…, Daniel Suex Rios, open the door…, (the door is not opened…Time passes…) Daniel Suex Rios, out please. We are going to knock down the door…” The door is opened. Daniel’s mother comes out with a cane, pleading: “No, please, do not take him, no please…” People are looking at what’s happening. They do not take him!. The next day. The mother of Daniel goes to Camilo ‘s house and makes a huge protest.

Daniel, “what would you do if I´ll die? Says his mom “Codlly, he replied: “easy MOM, I will sell everything and I´m going to Switzerland where I have a few friends”. He is not married. MOM has moments of lucidity and tiredness. “Daniel, why don’t you get a job”? His mother tells him. “I´m old MOM, no one will give me work”, he responds. The mother is subject of his son Daniel. The mother of Daniel, received two large amounts of money: inheritance and retroactive pension: everything for her child. The operation is urgent. Daniel wants to play violin. The mother of Daniel announces that it will purchase it, in the next payment of the pension. Pimp is a verb, which contains serious illness consent. This disease is called: Mental AIDS and kill in the shortest possible time.

Lilia M. Fiallo was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where, between tasks and free time, she found a place to write about subjects, somehow forgotten by others. With gold letters engraved in her memory, she began her working life, in the heart of the technical part, of the air traffic control of her native country. In the midst of aeronautical phraseology and codes, the world of aviation gave her one of the highest experiences, because of the precision required by this craft, where a single mistake could cost many lives. It is there, where in her concern to communicate her ideas, she begins to write with dedication, themes a little relegated by society, the Church and the State. Discovering a truth that nobody wants to talk about, but much more real and every day, than it seems. It is thus, as it appears, her first work, “Parir por parir”. You can find her book at for sale in Amazon and if you want to connect with her send her an email to lilianim2003@yahoo.com.