What purposes do you have for this New Year?

A Moment Of Reflection
by Lilia M. Fiallo

Based on the principle that no one is eternal, that we are in this world for a reason and that we have a mission that we must fulfill fully, have you asked yourself, How well am I doing this mission?

This new year can not be the continuation of a routine as if it were about living because it time, without setting goals, without setting a date to reach an objective, without thinking of you and how important you are, as a human being and as a person.

When I take my breakfast on a rush to go to the office, if I have not enough time to eat it complete, I am thinking I leave thinking of the half cup of coffee and the piece of bread that was left on the table; the mind wraps me all morning.

Be guided by the power of the mind for all that is good, can lead us to the success and progress in life, but if we use it negatively, we achieve nothing good.

Based on this logic, stop to think about a change of mind in your life from now so that at the end of the year, you can reap the fruits of your dreams.

Remove from your mind the mediocre thoughts and the routine in your daily living. Today you must set goals, set up dates to achieve a project. Save a sum of money weekly or monthly in a private and safe place, to reach that day which set and crystallize your idea, always thinking about a better tomorrow. The unexpected situations, difficult times, the mishaps and health, never waiting to save; if you don’t already have the money, it will not solve chaos in a minute. No one will lend X amount of money, because that X amount of money will not be easy to collect overnight to return it.

Forever there have been people who once began with small savings for some purpose; set up a company, renting a room to sell food, buy a bike to deliver mail, purchasing a motorcycle to offer messaging service or as many more ideas, and today are big business full of satisfactions and dreams accomplished.

Make dreams reality it is not achieved in a day. There will be sweat, difficulty, effort, dedication, willpower and responsibility, but the goals in life are achieved. There may be beings who achieved everything on a day, because they inherited, by illicit business, turbid media or any used cunning, but since everything easy dubious and risky has no essence, what comes easy, easy goes. The achievements obtained with effort, sweat and tears, in the end, gives great satisfaction, peace and tranquility in the soul.

Stained hands that propelled success, the restful mind and clear road that has traveled in life to crystallize projects that once were far away, are key witnesses needed for a person to breathe with joy every moment of his life.

By natural law, you are born alone and alone you have to die, and right or wrong decisions taken, are their own responsibility, so that no one answers on the other. To achieve the objectives that we want to, it is satisfying, shine with their own light, move forward without elbowing and without reclining on anyone. ¡That’s life!

Lilia M. Fiallo was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where, between tasks and free time, she found a place to write about subjects, somehow forgotten by others. With gold letters engraved in her memory, she began her working life, in the heart of the technical part, of the air traffic control of her native country. In the midst of aeronautical phraseology and codes, the world of aviation gave her one of the highest experiences, because of the precision required by this craft, where a single mistake could cost many lives. It is there, where in her concern to communicate her ideas, she begins to write with dedication, themes a little relegated by society, the Church and the State. Discovering a truth that nobody wants to talk about, but much more real and everyday, than it seems. It is thus, as it appears, her first work, “Parir por parir”.
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