Waiting in God’s time

Impact Your Life Positively with God’s truths

How difficult it is to wait for God’s time! Especially when we think that already, nothing is going to change. When we start to see things begin to look as impossible. When we are under pressure, when we are in the emergency room, when we are in need. We begin to despair and the whole picture is bleak. Anxiety begins to devour us. If we do not achieve our goal in time the enemy takes his chance and works on our discouragement until we reach the depression. 

Dear friend, remember that God is our Creator and has unlimited power. And God knows better than we do what is good for us. God asks us to have faith in Him and to rest in Him. We must take time to pray and to study the Word of God. We must congregate in a church that is guided by the Bible. As we devote time to God, He works with our situations. I invite you to try it. 

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 “All has its time, and all that is wanted under heaven has its hour.”

Everything belongs to God, even money. God is almighty. 

Haggai 2: 8 Mine is silver, and gold is mine, says the Lord Almighty. That means He have All power and with no limit. For most of our lives we live worried about what to do to increase our income or how to get out of debt. Money has enslaved us to the point that it is he who governs us.

Dear friend. Do not let your emotions dominate you. Let God be your King. Remember that material things are temporary. And with God we have eternal life. Put your faith in God, give thanks to God and live to please Him. And God will take control of your life. Remember what Hebrews 11: 6 says; But without faith it is impossible to please God. Until next time and may the peace of God be with you and your family.

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