Remain steadfast in our faith and our culture

Letters from a Lesbian…

Dear World,

Amongst political debates, bathroom debates, and everything else you can imagine, I find myself facing another medical issue. Nothing too serious. Just something that requires a lot of time, and attention. A condition that I have had my entire life that is now beginning to cause some bigger issues.

As I get older and tackle these problems, I find that I must rely on some kind of faith to get me through – that I can’t do this without divine intervention. Ours is a culture where religion and culture are one in the same. Our faith is so deeply in-bedded in our culture, you cannot separate the two. I’ve addressed topics of Catholicism and the LGBT community in the past.

What about our spiritual nature? What about our faith on a daily basis? What about our beliefs aside from the Pope and the church?

Faith and religion can be difficult topics for Hispanic LGBTs. So many of us were raised in religious families. Yet, for many of us, when we came out, our families and our faith turned their backs on us. That makes it incredibly difficult for us to try to maintain a relationship with God, to continue to follow our faith.

So where do we go from here? What we need to remember, first and foremost, is that it isn’t God who is turning his back on us. It’s people. Faulted, flawed people, just like us. People who are hurt, confused, and scared. People who do not understand. That’s who has abandoned us, not the divine. I know that it is so much easier for me to just type out those words than for us to think them, to feel them, to believe them. I understand that. By no means am I trying to demean or belittle anyone’s experience. We have all

had such difficult paths; I respect where you have come from and what you have endured. I just want to give you some reassurance that the higher power has not left your side.

It’s easy to feel God when things are going well, and it’s easy to implore God when things are not. I am telling you all of this not because I have started praying only because of some medical set backs. Instead, I wanted to take this time to show you how even in a less-than-stellar time in my life, I know that divinity is there. I can pray when times are bad, and when times are good. That although I may be struggling right now, I can use this opportunity to show you that we Hispanic LGBTs need not be severed from our deity. Rather, we Hispanic LGBTs may remain steadfast in our faith and our culture.

I hope this message has brought a little light into your day.

Live life in your own special way,


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