New Life in Evans Mills

Christian Church New Life that is located at 1222 Arsenal Street in Watertown, New York is moving to the town of Evans Mills. Nueva Vida has been ministering the Word of God to the Hispanic population in the City of Watertown since 2005. During the past four years the church shared the building with the English speaking church New Life Christian Church. In these past four years that the two churches shared the space many positive changes had happened among the Watertown area.  The two churches had grown in many aspects. New Life has multiply in members and at this time they hold three services every Sunday morning. Nueva Vida has an evening service at 5:00 pm on Sundays.

Nueva Vida also has Bible Study on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm and prayer on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. The purpose to have the two churches under one roof was to diversify and positively influence the churches culturally. Nueva Vida sees that this purpose has been achieved and expecting more growth in both churches, the relocation comes at the right time. To have participated in this cultural effort is evidence that cultural differences can be overcome with the purpose of serving the community.

Nueva Vida is moving to Evans Mills with the purpose of serving the Hispanic community more efficiently. The church has found that a great number of the families in this area are a mix of culture and language. This happens because of the area we are serving near the military base of FortDrum. Usually only one of the adult members of these multicultural couples can fully communicate in both languages (English and Spanish). Nueva Vida started with the purpose of ministering only to the Hispanic population but in order to achieve this purpose more efficiently the use of Spanish and English is absolutely necessary. We have experienced the need to minister in English to the youth and the children. Most of the children from Hispanics born in the military life are not 100% fluent in the Spanish language. This fact is the reason why since the beginning of the church the youth and the children are ministered in English. The church does this providing the necessary resources for those children and youth that are fully Spanish speakers. In the new location, Nueva Vida will be able to have a morning service in English and one in Spanish with enough time to open a later service possible bilingual. The moving of the location of the church gives Nueva Vida more flexibility in services’ times and the ability to expand their involvement in the community. The church is looking forward to becoming part of the beautiful and growing community of Evans Mills. The church will continue holding bible studies in Watertown and weather permitted will be praying at the beautiful and well known Square on Fridays at -7:00 pm. The first worship service at the new location is schedule  for July 25, 2012 (subject to change). For information please call Pastor Regina Velez at 315-955-8255.

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