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I am honored to return to this CNY Latino with ideas that are inspiring, creative and full of opportunities for you! Today, I update you on my life’s evolution and offer you thought provoking questions. I look forward to getting to know you through your responses, comments and questions. Please communicate with me at and check out my Social Media Platform listed at the end of this article!

 My parents and I moved directly from Havana, Cuba (May 20, 1960) to Raleigh, NC due to Fidel Castro’s takeover of our country. Speaking only Spanish, at home with my two younger sisters (Hilda aka Hildi and Isabel); life within our household was a microcosm of Cuban Society. There always seemed to be a voice saying, “if we were still in Cuba, this is how things would be”. Throughout my life I received vivid pictures of the country that we left behind through my ancestors’ stories, photographs and memorabilia; my expectations of life never quite matched up with reality. I attribute tremendous personal growth to this bicultural ‘struggle’ because instead of the old ‘misplaced’ feelings that I had during childhood, I now appreciate the never-ending revelations that pop up from the in-congruencies of my past. The expertise that I developed navigating through life now serves me in the ability to relate to other peoples’ challenges.

What was your upbringing like? How has your background affected your present circumstances?

After studying International /Business & Economics at North CarolinaStateUniversity, I spent almost 3 decades in a financial career serving clients all over North and South America. What had once seemed a handicap–being and speaking Spanish—now became an asset.

 How has being Latin played a role in your life?

 Despite financial success in this exciting career, I only began to experience my heart and soul’s fulfillment, in 1995 and 1998, when my daughter and son were born. I remained at home until 2009 in order to raise and home school my two children. The isolation of staying at home for over a decade caused me to face parts of myself that I had avoided, in the past. There was noescaping the ‘voices’ and yearnings that lived within me. Eventually, as I realized that many of these challenges were meant to be used as gifts in service to others, I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach, Mentor, Bikram Hot Yoga Teach, Social Media Manager and researcher of Autism Spectrum Characteristics, Challenges and Solutions.

 What ‘conversations’ happen within you?

 Among the many riches that life has provided me with, one of the greatest is that we have tremendous strengths to flourish in all environments. I look forward to sharing more ideas about opportunities, possibilities and inspiration with you each month.

Author: Olga SantoTomás Monroe, Social Media Manager, Life & Business Coach and Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher passionately inspires & motivates clients desiring to realize & achieve life purpose in their fullest potential through a system  of perspectives; seeing the world and opportunities in a new way by learning to step fearlessly into their roles as leaders in work, family & community. Your next step is to sign on to the following Social Media Pages so you can follow the interesting content that I post and contact me for a complementary consultation at

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