Special sun shield helps Dogs

by Linda DeStefano

Translated by Rob English

You can help spread the message that leaving a dog in a hot car can kill the dog. Buy a sun shield for the front window of your car with the message :

“WARNING: Don’t Leave Dogs in Hot Cars. Call 911 to Report Trapped Dogs.”  Available from the Animal Legal Defense Fund at aldf.org/hotcars. My husband and I have had our shield for two or three years and find it very practical and durable.

SEE OUR AD ON PAGE _____ to learn how quickly a car can become too hot and what to do if a dog is in distress.

If you shop at Wegman’s Food stores, you can help dogs by checking to see whether your Wegman’s has displayed a poster which warns customers about leaving their dog in a hot car while they shop. The posters are placed on metal holders and are at eye level. I’ve found that the two Wegman’s where I shop are not consistent. The last I checked at the Onondaga Blvd. store, they still had not put up their poster whereas the Fairmount store has had their’s up for weeks. It helps to encourage the store managers, for example, the poster wasn’t in view on one of my Fairmount Wegman’s trips so I asked about it and they put it back up. In addition, you could contact Customer Service at corporate headquarters to thank them for the posters and to ask them to remind each store to display them.



1-800-WEGMANS x 8500-4760


Wegman’s Food Markets

1500 Brooks Ave.

P.O. Box 30844

Rochester, NY 14603-0844

Another way you can help is to distribute cards which explain the danger. You can obtain one or several free cards from People for Animal Rights, P.O. Box 15358, Syracuse, NY 13215-0358 or email us at people4animalrightscny@gmail.com or 315-488-PURR (7877) between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.