Spaces Without Judgement

Dafne Schilling: Awakening Souls, Creating Spaces Without Judgement
by María Cabeza

We can transform ourselves and also learn from joy and inspiration – Dr Joe Dispenza (Neuroscience Specialist)

What is the name of what you do? – What I do is called Intention in Motion and it is a practice. I created it after many years of studying and training in both artistic and spiritual areas. It is a class that is designed to bond with the body and love it and accept it as it is. I always say that practices are judgment-free spaces where people meet to celebrate. The space is created to free the self; I think that, when we can be 100 percent present in the action, then is when we feel the best. We lose the sense of time and space and, finally, manage to be ´in the air´. For a while… There we feel flow and, when that happens, magic and happiness take place. It doesn’t always occur, but when it does, you don’t forget it.

How did you open that path that is now the way you make a living? – The fusion of everything I have learned in my life gave me the possibility of creating unprejudiced sites where people can connect with their emotions through movement, self-discovery, self-exploration. It develops on a personal body level and, also, connecting with others. With this tool we can free our sentiments. I have been on this path for 15 years; I think it has always been part of my life because I grew up in Córdoba (an Argentine province) and I was constantly connected to nature and spirituality.

Did someone in your family make you connect with spiritual awakening even more? – My mother is an astrologer. She took me to the hills to connect with the elves and the entire esoteric universe. I laughed a lot. She was linked to other lives; other energies and I didn’t understand- that’s why I found it funny.

Who goes to your practices? – At the beginning they were focused on the female public since I really like working with women and, nowadays, there are more and more men who are encouraged to participate and are welcome.

Do you have one objective, several or none? – I have many goals in my life, I am very Capricornian. I set goals all the time. At present, it is to continue generating spaces for connection, appreciation, ceremonies to which people can go and really connect and have fun. I also aim to raise your frequency and make you feel it’s okay to be who you are. Spirituality and personal development should not be demanding or to be under constant drama. I want my lessons to be a possibility for people to gather and to celebrate life.

What do you feel after a practice? How has that feeling changed over time? – I feel happy and grateful. I really like meeting people who have already attended one of my practices or a retreat. We see each other in different places and those people bring others and it’s very nice. It happens to me a lot. It is more and more emotional, more joyful and reaffirms me in my spiritual path. A beautiful family of movement thrives! I think there is tremendous medicine in knowing our body, in exploring our secret corners.

You have written two books, what are they about? – Yes, they are “Doce Estaciones del Alma” and “Despertá tu Magia” and in both I talk about my own experiences and anecdotes to represent what happens to all of us. I am not outside but within the same circle. The difference is that I have undergone several experiences and, after that, I chose this path. I also explain how movement, meditation and yoga are the keys to transcending certain pains.

There is a book called “The Body Has Its Reasons” that is about listening to it. Is that related to what you do? – When we put our bodies in motion and unite with each other and connect with the present, we feel the synchrony of making that movement all together, breathing all together. And suddenly, the hearts are synchronized. It is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of practice, of science. It just happens. Neurosciences are increasingly verifying how hearts are synchronized when they meet and dance. It’s wonderful when science proves the healing power of movement.

Why do we get sick? – I can talk about healing. In my opinion, healing is returning the energy circuits to the body. Sometimes we enter into very long processes blaming the past and, obviously, each one comes and is born with a history, culture and identity. Not everything we are is our fault nor does it need to be healed. Sometimes yes, other times no. Personal work requires great humility, it is recognizing that there is something that comes with us and that we can decide what we continue with or transform, what perspectives we can include, enlarge and thus widen the borders of the heart and mind. That’s how I always put it.

Do you have a college or university degree? – I am a Yoga Instructor, at the age of 17 I started taking yoga lessons to improve my elongation and at 20 I trained as an instructor. I am a director of Performing Arts and also an actress.

Do you see things in the movement of others? What do you do with what you see? – I see how the bodies arrive in one way, I see the different personalities and identities and I wonder how that person is going to do to free himself, to put his mind aside. The most important thing for me is to be able to be connected with myself because that’s when people give themselves and the energy is transformed. It is very gratifying to be part of these transformations. People come one way and leave another.

Anything you want to add? – There is a universe behind Intention in Movement and behind Dafne. Today neurosciences already speak of the manifestation of movement and the union of souls as a healing process. My soul is full of illusion.

Photos Credit: Rosario Janza

María V Cabeza is an Argentinian writer- translator- publicist. She loves Writing and enjoys the Sea, the Arts, Animals and Freedom.

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