Remembering Cuba’s Enigmatic Healer, Isidro Ernesto Quesada Silvera

Discourse & Imaginaries

by Aleksandre Roderick-Lorenz

Religion and spirituality are both prevalent elements within Latin American societies and Diasporas. They exist at the core of their people within these unique cultures and imaginaries. A dynamic connection between nature and divinity could be traced back to pre-Columbian America, when magic was a common practice that entailed the worship of mystical deities throughout various regions. A strong interception between metaphysics and religion will continue to grow from this historic background that is still evident in present times. Both of these disciplines and worlds have merged together to create a distinctive cosmovision that has shaped forever the belief system of these cultures.

Cuba has been a spiritual cradle where some of the leading religious and spiritual currents of Latin America have intercepted. Such influence has spread throughout the insular Caribbean and various countries within the continent. The spiritual master and guide Isidro Ernesto Quesada Silvera, was born in the island where his psychic work and miraculous healings brought him much recognition around the world.

He was originally from Jiguaní and was born on May 18th, 1948. A prodigious healer, Quesada was a chosen disciple of the Goddess Liudan of the Universe, a galactic entity from another dimension, which he channels from an early age. He dedicated 71 years of his life to his spiritual path that captivated the lives of those that sought him out for the miracles and powers he possessed.

His family was long associated with the strong spiritual currents that are prevalent in Cuba. His spiritual lineage can be traced back to his grandfather, Manuel Quesada López, a Mambí captain of the Cuban War of Independence of 1895. He was also one of Cuba’s greatest Santeros. Quesada’s father, Manuel Quesada Leyva was highly respected in the field of Spiritism in Latin American. However, it is important to highlight that Quesada’s spiritual work is one of a kind in the world and a unique mystical pathway never witnessed before.

Thousands of people visited his altar in search of miracles and spiritual counseling. Even those who could not travel to him would still experience his powers, wonders and phenomena. His gifts allowed him to help people all over the world, regardless of physical distance from his universal altar. He used his gifts in service of humanity until the day of his ascension on September 29th, 2020 in Florida, Camagüey.

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