We live in terrifying times

Letters from a Lesbian Column

Dear World,

We – the entire human race – are shocked and stunned by the recent horrific terrorist attacks. These were deplorable, incomprehensible acts of hatred and murder. How one person could kill another is a mystery. How several could kill so many is inconceivable.

We are inundated with horrific facts and figures, information, photographs and images. It is tragic to say the least.

These people – these human beings – our friends and family members – were simply going about their lives when tragedy struck. In the blink of an eye, everyone’s lives changed.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, it seems no place is safe any longer. Europe, Asia, the US, the Middle East…terrorism is a global issue.

The terrorists have been attacking people in countries across the world. They want us to cower in fear of them. They want us to think they are everywhere, so they attack us everywhere. They want us to think they are powerful, so they use bombs and guns. They think they can control us, and the world.
The truth is that they cannot. The truth is that they are the ones acting out of fear. They want to feel powerful when they are simply powerless. Their aggression is their way of compensating for their deep-seeded fears.

Throughout history, terrorists attack(-ed) others because they fear them. Other cultures and other ways of living can be odd, and even frightening or intimidating. Since people fear what they cannot understand, terrorists attack that which they fear and do not understand. They attack us because they fear us, don’t understand us, envy us. Our way of life and our standard of living is very high, and it is very different from theirs. Instead of “live and let live,” they are unable to cope with such drastic differences. Unfortunately, innocent people pay that price.

The sad reality is that terrorism is a part of our reality today. We must stay alert, we must stay aware. We are fighting an uphill battle, but peace can and will prevail.

Innocent people have lost their lives, and that is tragic. I will never minimize that. Instead, I keep those people and their families close in my heart; in my thoughts, and prayers. However, I refuse to let those terrorists have any power or control over me. I will not live in fear. I will live openly, vibrantly, and unabashedly. I hope that you will as well.

Live life in your own special way,


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