Tremendous political news

Letters from a Lesbian

Dear World,

Our culture and our community has been hit with some tremendous political news this month.

Fidel Castro has passed away. He was a predominant political figure since the 1950s. His global impact is enormous, his impact on Cubans is unfathomable. He changed the culture, the politics, and the nature of life in Cuba for over fifty years. Though he was a very divisive person, there is no denying that the life and death of Fidel Castro has had a huge effect on everyone, especially Cubans and Cuban-Americans.

Then, of course, there is the election of Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, he is another divisive figure, one that has potential to greatly affect the Hispanic and LGBT communities. Whether he will or not remains to be seen as he pulls back from his campaign promises before even taking office.

Change is inevitable, and it seems that the change that we are facing could be giant. As we head into the Holiday season, let us be reminded of our blessings, and look to the future with optimism. It may seem difficult to do in such sad and uncertain times, but the future is what we make of it. We are also fortunate enough to live in a country – and state – where we are allowed to speak up and speak out. We need not be silent against injustice, we can and will be heard and respected.

I wish you a bright and beautiful holiday season. Be careful, be safe. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, now and always.

Live life in your own special way,


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