Thanks, Donald Trump for the Spark

The dominant culture loves to portray that Latinos have a fiery culture, the raging inferno that lives in our souls will be seen in the upcoming election, thanks to Donald Trump. I fail to understand how a man as ignorant and disrespectful as Donald Trump can be at the top of the polls for so long. From his first speech all he has been doing is disrespecting minorities, especially Latinos, spreading lies, and just attacking others just to fill his never ending ego. The first lie was that Mexican immigrants are “killers” and “rapist” and to be honest it only takes two minutes to refute that claim. Anybody that has access to a smartphone or a computer can simply ask Google whether immigrants are susceptible of committing more crimes than native born citizens of the United States. The result is simple and expected, a 2008 study by researchers at the Public Policy Institute of California noted that “U.S born men are incarcerated at a rate over two- and a half times more than Foreign born men” (Butcher, Liao, Pielh, 2008). 

One does not even have to go to academia to refute Trumps claims, one can even look at it from common sense lens, if one were an undocumented immigrant, why oh why would one commit a crime that would obviously involve the authorities, and if the authority is involved then it would be rather obvious deportation would be around the corner, no? Trump can sit there and spout his nonsense about how Latinos are criminals, we all know that it is not true, but when it starts to actually influence people and it starts to affect our community then it becomes a problem.

Last week I read an article about how two south Boston men had apparently beaten and urinated on a homeless man because he seemed to be Latino, whilst saying anti-immigrant remarks, and even stating to the police that “Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported” and when Trump was confronted about the event it seemed that he had no knowledge of the event and even said that it would be shameful if it were true, but unfortunately we did not finish there he continued to say that that people that are following him are very passionate and that they love this country. So loving this country and being passionate is reflected on how many hate crimes one commits. Being passionate means that I can urinate (one of the highest forms of disrespect) on somebody.

I am now recalling the captain of the “Thrill Kill” squad Sgt. Calvin Briggs that murdered three Afghan civilians for sport and took some of their body parts as trophies, I am sure that all of these men love their country and are very passionate but does that justify their act, so one’s passion and love for a country is portrayed by a hate crime according to the remarks of Trump, but last Friday when he did find out about the Boston incident he did tweet that the incident was terrible and that he does not condone violence.

Trump does not condone violence but he is spreading hate towards immigrants and Latinos, by calling us Illegals, no human being on this earth is illegal, calling us anchor babies (I include Jeb Bush), wanting to deport 11 million immigrants, and revoking citizenship to those that were born here by immigrant parents. He is not the only one to do that but he is the one with the loudest and largest megaphone.

People like Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz are starting to get behind the idea of revoking citizenship to those that are born here from immigrant parents, although Ted Cruz just began to support the idea, he initially did not support the revoking of birthright citizenship because of one reason alone, it is written in the constitution, the 14th amendment grants people citizenship to the United States if they are born here. Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, most definitely Donald Trump, and all those that support the idea of revoking birthright citizenship have made this campaign very personal not just for me but for all of First generation citizens of the United States.

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