On Marriage Equality: Change is on the Horizon

Dear World,

We are currently standing on the edge of what could become a tremendous date in American history.

April 28th is a day that we need to mark on our calendars. On that day, the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments for marriage equality in four states. Depending on how the judges vote, this could grant us federal marriage equality.

It’s exciting, I know. I am looking to the immediate future with great hope. Briefs have been filed by over 400 companies, two hundred mayors, LGBT organizations such as HRC, and more… some with tens of thousands of signatures. There was even a brief filed by the Obama Administration in favor of marriage equality. Numbers don’t lie: America is ready to embrace full federal marriage equality.

For as exciting as this is, we need to remember there is a backlash. Already, some of our opposition has been sneaking in bills that will continue to discriminate against our community. These bills allow companies to deny services to members of the LGBT community based on religious beliefs. There are bills on the floor right now that would like to make it illegal to stop people or businesses from discriminating against us.

They’re fighting because they know they’re losing, and they know they’re wrong. They are grasping at straws. However, we still need to take these bills as the serious threats that they are.

If we do gain full federal marriage equality, we will have tremendous reason to celebrate. Our marriages will be legitimate no matter where we live. We will share the same marital rights as our heterosexual counterparts. We can cherish the moment, and we can celebrate, but we cannot rest on our laurels. This does not equate to full equality in every facet of our lives. We still need to fight legislation that makes it legal for companies to fire us based on our orientations or gender identities. We need to counter the bills that would make it legal for companies to deny us goods and services. We must continue to move forward. We have come so far in such a short time, we can make all of this happen. We will make all of this happen. We must make all of this happen.

I have such tremendous hope for our community. Within the next three months, we will know if we will be legally married in the eyes of the law and lawmakers. One of the greatest gifts, and one of our biggest fights may be coming to an end…with a victory for us! This is monumental. Words cannot begin to describe the depth of my excitement. We must be ready for any outcome, and no matter what, we must be ready to continue to fight until we are all completely free and equal citizens.

Live life in your own special way,


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