Unlikely Loves

UNLIKELY LOVES: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom
by Jennifer S. Holland, 2013, Workman Publishing, NY
Reviewed by Linda A. DeStefano
Translated into Spanish by Rob English

These stories truly ARE heartwarming – accompanied by beautiful, amazing photos.  Some of the “odd couple” relationships are: a macaque, rabbit and guinea pig; a boa constrictor and a pit bull; a pig and a dog; a giraffe and a kudu (a kind of antelope); a boy and wild marmots (a type of rodent); a dolphin and a sea lion; a dolphin and sperm whales; a hound and a fox. Often, these loving relationships developed while the animals were orphaned and in a rescue facility. Other times, the animals were living wild and came together without any human encouragement. Sometimes, one animal would become a protector of the other, for example, a dog who chose to take care of an old, sick horse.  

This is a sequel to Holland’s best-selling UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPS.

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