One of the most recognized and popular members of the local business community, and an icon in the Media of Central New York, has retired last December 2013.

Bernie Bregman is known by everybody “who is anybody”… he was one of the top salesmen in the publication CNY Business Journal… he probably was the top salesmen in that organization… some might think he was probably the top salesmen of ANY media organization… maybe even ANY organization of ANY industry..!

But more important for us in CNY Latino, he is a personal friend of mine, a caring supporter of our publication, an excellent instructor of Sales and Networking, and one of those few that helped me with this venture 10 years ago, not only with valuable advise about the publishing industry, but also by referring me and connecting me with key people in the local business.

I personally never would imagine him retiring… but last Thursday, January 16, many of us in the Industry, and many of us in the local commerce, came to celebrate and say “Good luck in your retirement” to Bernie Bregman.

With this note I would like to publicly wish “Good Luck” to Bernie, and Thank him very much, for all the help and support his has done with our publication, and with me personally.

PHOTOS: Bernie Bregman with CNY Latino publisher Hugo Acosta and Bernie Bregman with CNYLatino Editor in Chief Marisol Hernandez, during his Retirement celebration at the Genesee Grande Hotel on January 16, 2014

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