Report on Animal-Related bills

Report on Animal-Related bills that passed or were stalled during session on of NYS Legislature which ended in June

Thanks to Sam Eschenbrenner and Jan Markarian for the summary below.

Translated by Rob English.

NOTE: Some of the bills which passed the legislature are waiting for action by Gov. Cuomo.

Some animal friendly bills that we and our allies lobbied for.

***denotes high-priority bills for PAR.

For CNY legislators, I have only recorded those whose districts are at least partially in Onondaga County.

Pre-emption bill (A 740/S 3753)

(to allow municipalities to enact stronger laws to regulate pet dealers)

passed both chambers (120/21 yea/nay in Assembly, 53/10 yea/nay in senate).

awaiting Governor’s signature.


Senate: Aye’s: DeFrancisco, Valesky

Assembly: Aye’s: Roberts, Magnarelli, Stirpe

Assembly: Nay’s: Finch, Barclay

Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill (A 775/S 1776)

(to allow animal cruelty legislation to be moved from the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets regulations to the Penal Code) 

stalled in agricultural committees (both chambers)

CNY senate co-sponsors: Valesky, DeFrancisco

No CNY assembly co-sponsors

Devocalization bill  (A 1204/S 2271)

(to prohibit devocalization of dogs/cats)

passed Assembly (138/8 yea/nay), died in Senate agriculture committee.


Assembly: Aye’s: Roberts, Magnarelli, Finch

Assembly: Nay’s: Stirpe, Barclay

Feral Pig bill(A 3767/S 5733) ***

(to ban the sale/transport of Eurasian boars)

passed both chambers (136/5 yay/nay in Assembly, 61/1 yay/nay in Senate)

awaiting Governor’s signature


Senate: Aye’s: Valesky, DeFrancisco

Assembly: Aye’s: Roberts, Magnarelli, Stirpe, Finch, Barclay

Extreme Confinement bill (A 1656/S 4987) ***

(to restrict extreme confinement of pigs and veal calves on factory 


died in agricultural committees (both chambers)

No CNY co-sponsors in either Chamber

Puppy Mill Regulation bill (A 1655/S 4799)

(to establish state regulations on puppy mills and other dog breeders)

died in agricultural committees (both chambers)

No CNY co-sponsors in either Chamber

Shark Fin Ban (A 1769/S 1711) ***

(to ban the sale/trade/distribution of shark fins)

passed both chambers unanimously.

Awaiting action by Gov. Cuomo.

People for Animal Rights (PAR) works with other organizations  to educate about the importance of legislation to protect animals and the environment. We also educate on animal rights issues apart from legislation. People for Animal Rights, P.O. Box 15358, Syracuse, NY13215-0358, (315)488-PURR (7877) between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.,,

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