Our native tongue should be LOVE

The base of language should be the language of the heart.  It matters not from one continent or what nationality its mother tongue originates, it ought be rooted in the beauty that sustains and moves the heart.

City dwellers are often placed in homes surrounded by sterile human structures, whose life building is less apt to be habitat to the living world we call nature.  But nature is as real for our well being as all other basics such as water and air.

It is the heart that sings and that spreads its joy that makes others lives a pleasure for the dailiness of living.  We give that beauty in flowers, or in song that not only we are able to sing, but the birds and the whales and dolphins are able as well to transmit.

The leaves turn their colors on the trees in what for our part of the world is a change of ruralpearlseasons.  It brings not only remarkable uplift to one’s spirit to see the autumn colors, but the continuity of cycle of life through the seasons brings infinite lessons to hope and regeneration of all things on this earth.  We need such hope.

All of us build greater selves for ourselves and for the earth when we see with a heart of love.  We will save and respect the life of all living things around us whose importance is vital and relevant and tied to our own.

May we speak our native tongue (which should be love) to all those around us, and find that this is the language that will save us all.  We are all one in the end.

pam mcnew provided this article for the October issue of CNY LATINO while Linda DeStefano is on vacation. She is a member of the board of directors of People for Animal Rights. This article was translated into Spanish by Rob English. Images provided by ruralpearl.

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