Long live to Seinfeld!


Seinfeld is, undoubtedly, the show that redefined the sitcom comedy genre in the United States, with it’s crazy characters, surreal daily miseries and, above all, a ground-breaking and daring initial premise based on the unique idea of creating a show whose plot “revolves around nothing at all”. All of these perfect combined components turned Seinfeld into one of the most successful and beloved TV shows ever set in New York City. Good proof of this is the special celebration that has taken place for the long anticipated premiere of the 9 Seinfeld seasons in the streaming video platform Huluplus: an extremely faithful recreation of the iconic apartment where Jerry Seinfeld, George Constanza, Cosmo Kramer and the rest of the characters lived moments considered nowadays as true classics of the TV comedy. Although the dwelling was located in the Upper West Side in the show, the pilgrimage of Seinfeld fans who were lucky enough to visit this pop-up environment from June 24th to June 28th had to move to 415 W 14th St., right in the core of the Meatpacking neighborhood.

Taxi on fire in Madison Avenue

At this point it is unknown if the taximeter’s high fare could have something to do with it, but truth is that New Yorkers who were walking by 48th St. with Madison Avenue last Tuesday June 16th (including myself!) had the chance of witness something that you don’t see every day (and that, speaking of New York, means something!): a taxi suddenly burst in flames, forcing the driver and the passenger to fled the vehicle (a Ford Transit Connect) right away. “I’m lucky I wasn’t on the highway. Never in my life has something like this happened”, told the New York Times Md Kabir, the startled cab driver whose prompt reaction dealing the situation allowed that what it could have been  a tragedy turned itself into just a surprising anecdote.

Good reasons to celebrate the Gay Pride

The timing could not be better for celebrating the homosexual love: last Friday June 26th President Obama surprised the entire nation with a historic speech in which he officially proclaimed the decision of approving gay marriage in all United States territory. Apart from a crucial political event, such an announcement predicted a perfect prelude to the always welcomed June 28th Gay Pride Parade that put a cherry on top of the LBGT collective acts celebrated around all New York City, such as the Dyke March and the Dance on the Pier.



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