Land ho! Celebrating Columbus Day


Land ho! Celebrating Columbus Day

As you already know, October is an important month for all the Latino and Hispanic community residing in the United States. In case you are still wondering why, it’s in this month when we celebrate Columbus Day, the anniversary of the iconic date in which the Italian Christopher Columbus arrived to America in October 12th, 1492, thanks to the Spanish Crown financial investment. In order to celebrate such historic milestone for the Spanish-speaking American population, NYC’s Fifth Avenue was once again scenario for the traditional Columbus Day Parade, where many thousands European families descendants took the famous road to celebrate both Italian-American heritage and the Spanish key role in the discovery of the “New World”, proudly marching in defense of their roots.

Comics, movies and celebrities at the New York Comic Con

Prior to Columbus Day, Thursday October 8th was a long awaited date for all the NYC’s movie-goers, comic book lovers and, in general terms, sci-fi and fantasy fans. That day began the 2015 edition of the prestigious New York Comic Con, the biggest popular culture fan event of the East Coast. An indispensable event for the geek community, this year marked the tenth anniversary of one of the most spectacular and well-known geek events of the planet, gathering hordes of fans of cult TV shows, superhero blockbusters and comic book collectors alike, in a festival of highly developed costumes (cosplays), exclusive panels with actors, artists alleys and autographs and photoshoots with some of the most beloved icons of the big and small screen. This year, stars like Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle), John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings), Felicia Day (The Guild) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) brought a smile to hundreds of fans during the four-day event. May the Force be with us, for many more years!

The Future is here, Doc!

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. October 21st 2015. A date that took 30 years in the making. Three decades in which the millions of fans of the unforgettable trilogy Back to the Future awaited anxiously the exact moment in time in which Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox) and “Doc” Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) arrived to their cinematographic future. According to Doc’s calculations, in October 21st 2015, at precisely 4:29PM, the beloved duo of time travelers landed on the fictional Hill Valley (California) to discover a brilliant an odd future where flying cars, hoverboards (a hovering, futuristic evolution of the skateboard) and hydrated food are a normal, mundane thing. Truth is, despite we are still driving close to the ground, Back to the Future 2 managed to predict a lot of things of the real 2015, like the predominance of videoconferencing, the final installment of 3D movies and the astonishing possibilities of domotic house automation. And although the big celebration party took place at California, New York City was no stranger to the huge impact of these movies, celebrating our arrival to the future with live concerts in Radio City Music Hall, autograph sessions with actors of the trilogy in Rockefeller Center and themed parties. Now, we can finally say it: Welcome to the Future!

My name is Javier Peinado. I am a Spanish journalist born in Barcelona and raised in Madrid who is living at this moment in the United States. Helluva experience! Through my more than 8 years of experience I have written about a wide variety of topics and worked for many media: brief news at the newspaper 20Minutos, cultural agenda in the Enigmas magazine, videogames previews and reviews at the specialized publication Micromanía… even features and articles related with mystery and paranormal phenomena, which I am still writing as a correspondent in the USA for the magazine Año/Cero. Apart from written journalism, I have also worked in Latin radio stations and online marketing agencies, in addition to appearing in TV spots and managing the first Spanish NGO inspired by sci-fi and fantasy.

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