Jonas, Zika and Ziegfeld

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Jonas “Snowcallypse” shatters NYC

As you already know, you don’t have to live in New York City to have suffered the effects of Jonas, the megastorm that razed the East Coats through January 23rd and January 24th weekend. All the State was devastated by strong winds and a powerful “snowcallypse” that is already considered as the second biggest blizzard in NYC’s history. Given the amount of snow accumulated in just one day, it just feels right. With the blizzard passed (and even in the middle of it, as you could seeing the risky  behavior of dozens of citizens darting into the street to witness the winterly show coming from above in spite of the authorities warnings and prohibitions), we have all enjoyed with the always spectacular views of snowy rooftops, streets and parks of Midtown, Central Park, Greenwich Village and DUMBO. However, logically given the violence of the storm, Jonas has also brought its darkest side. Hundreds of people armed with shovels still struggle to remove tons of snow from their cars and sidewalks, dozens of flights were cancelled, and sudden power cuts affected the benefits of hundreds of store owners who lost thousands of dollars. Even the iconic Broadway shows were forced to close! Queens borough was the most punished (very close to the shore due to its location in Long Island), and 3 persons have died in NYC among the almost 30 we lost that weekend because of Jonas’s snow. A tragic death toll that darkens the wonderful white tapestry that, even today, is still visible all around the city.

Zika virus detected in Queens

Three people in New York State have been diagnosed as carriers of Zika, a virus particularly common in Caribbean and Latin American countries tropical climates whose symptoms include fever, itching, generalized pain and red eyes. It’s especially strange that it can lead to death, but it is sadly frequent to be related to newborn deficiencies like microcephalies in pregnant patients. One of the affected resides in the NYC’s Queens borough, but fortunately he and the rest are recovering well. Health authorities have called for calm saying that the mosquito responsible for spreading the illness would be not likely to survive under the city’s harsh winter climate, so they just ask for precautions when traveling to affected countries like Brazil or Mexico, where Zika can be found easily.

Ziegfeld: The End

We finish the section for this month with sad news for any good newyorker: the iconic Ziegfeld theatre, one the oldest and most beloved by spectators and professionals alike, closes permanently its doors. Continuous loss of revenue and lack of benefits have led the Gotham Hall group to announce the painful loss of the theatre where thousands of moviegoers watched for the first time historic premieres as Star Wars in 1977, and where, in a great finale for this emblematic venue, they still come to see the last installment of the franchise (The Force Awakens). The plan is to reopen the building in 2017 reborn as The Ziegfeld Ballroom, a huge celebration hall for corporate events. And, although they have promised to honor the history of the place with permanent tributes in its interior, nothing can stop that for many nostalgic this may be another regrettable example of the agonizing death of the most magical and endearing New York City, the same that has seen in less than two years how its most cherished toy stores (FAO Schwarz and Toys’r’us) have closed permanently among this forever remembered theatre.

I’ll be back next month, stay warm and be careful with that slippery ice!

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