Congratulations young men and keep moving forward ..!

Rafael E. Diaz, one of the organizers of the Latino Festival in Geneva wants to recognize and celebrate the achievement of Willy, Carlos and Pancho. These youths, native of Humacao Puerto Rico and currently living in Geneva NY, won a trophy for the first time at the Auto Show.

This was an activity sponsored by Geneva Foreign & Sports on Route 14 Geneva NY who are happy to contribute to the cause of an organization. This event was to raise funds for a charity every year and this year donations and funds go to the organization “Stive to Survive” whose mission is to help adults with cancer reach any daily needs such as household, personal and financial. To learn more about this organization go to

Carlos who together with his two friends (Willy and Pancho) put together a cooler and a radio with speakers and getting them work with a car battery inside. In other words, it’s an equipment  of two in one, radiocooler. Like Pancho and Willy with his friends, Carlos began to prepare a scooter (mototrita) with a car stereos to amplifiers such as for a vehicle. They were invited last year and this year they managed to win a trophy which got them excited. Rafael Diaz who participated as a Hispanic food vendor with the Morros Catering Truck, was supporting the boys when he met them and when he found out that they won, he celebrated their success in his home with Puerto Rican food to give them encouragement. Raphael feels proud every time he sees a Hispanic or someone else accomplish for their achievements and he is glad to see that they are recognize and their stories are shared to motivate them and other to participate in humanitarian events showing their talents and skills and sharing what they know and at the same time somehow contribute to a cause.


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