An Ode to women

Neither can a cherry blossom tree nor a peach garden can be compared to your divine nature

You are also the masters of the Kama; Love and Pleasure

Man has done awful things you out of fear

Yet you are the source of all man’s tears

For a man is nothing without you

Because all of his goals and achievements would cease to have meaning too

No moon can illuminate our hearts

The same way you can because you are constantly in our thoughts

For everything that we have created has been inspired by you

From the grandest painting to the most harmonious tune

To describe what you mean to us is downright impossible

On occasion to receive your love and attention may seem unattainable

For in our hearts we know the truth

Man would not have a reason to exist if it was not with you

About the Author

My name is David Alfredo Paulino. I am twenty-one years old and I am currently a senior attending SUNY Cortland. I am an international studies major with a concentration in Global Political Systems and my minors are Anthropology, Latin American Studies, and Asia and the Middle East. After I finish my bachelors degree in Spring of 2015, I wish to take a year break, while still being able to contribute to CNY Latino. After that year I wish to join the Peace Corps and hopefully work somewhere in Latin America. Once I finish my service in the Peace Corps, I am going to pursue a Masters degree, most likely in the University of Peace at Costa Rica, which is a United Nations Charter School.

I was born in Manhattan, NYC, but I currently live in the Bronx with my Mother, little sister, and Stepfather. Although I was born here most of my fondest memories come from my frequent visits to the Dominican Republic, and always being there. I even stayed there for a year due to my constant going back and forth, I grew to love the atmosphere there and sometimes I yearn for it more than the actual city.

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