Let’s Get Cooking! Bringing Families Together around the Table!


Ever wonder how to nudge your child and even adult family members to try new foods (even veggies!), and enjoy eating family meals together? Try involving children in meal preparation – if they make it they own it and will more likely chow down at mealtime!

Our Let’s Get Cooking! Family meal cookbook may be just what you need! It is more than a cookbook – it teaches basic, step-by-step, easy to prepare, low-cost, nutritious one-dish meals and kid friendly snacks. It was written for families with children- toddler to teenager in mind. Let’s Get Cooking helps you to plan meals ahead of time and helps you to eat healthier for less money.

The cookbook also features:

  • 127 recipes from “Snack Ideas” to “Meatless Meals” to “Desserts”!
  • Information on where to apply for SNAP benefits and the WIC program
  • Foods/ingredients that can be purchased with WIC coupons
  • Kitchen Hints- to help you plan meals and snacks based on My Plate guidelines. Check out the Smart Meal Planning Tips- Get Ready to Shop! (p. 12) under Kitchen Hints for tips to help you plan how much and what to buy based on family size, ages, and foods you have on hand!
  • Tips to stretch your food dollar and save time by planning ahead
  • Food storage guides, sample daily menus and healthy purchasing tips
  • How to follow a recipe, store foods to prolong shelf life and average yield of common foods (like how many apples, bananas or potatoes are in a pound; how many cups or pasta in a 1-pound box and how many cups are in a pound of flour).
  • Substitutions for different kitchen tools and ingredients
  • How to measure foods, use unit pricing and read a Nutrition Fact’s Label
  • How to practice food safety in the kitchen- even what to do in case of a Kitchen fire!

Each recipe provides a recommended serving size, number of servings and the “Nutrition Facts/serving (calories, fats, carbs, fiber, protein and key vitamins and minerals).

Please visit our website cceonondaga.org/nutrition-health/recipes to find recipes listed by each chapter: Kitchen Hints, Snack Ideas and More for Kids, Soups, Salads and Vegetables, Breads, Muffins and Mixes, Meat Poultry and Seafood, Meatless Meals, One-Dish Meals and Casseroles, Desserts.

Want help to figure out your own personal nutrition and exercise plan? Try, Super Tracker, a free online tool. Visit, www.choosemyplate.gov, for tips and ideas to help you make healthier choices and plan ahead. Enter information about yourself and Super Tracker will give you a calorie range and food plan to help manage your weight.

For more recipes, tips and more also visit www.eatsmartnewyork.org.