Businesses – July 2012

“Keys to increase your sales on the Internet”

As I mentioned in the last article, the person or business that does not have a marketing strategy to promote their product is as if he or she does not exist. As the saying goes “If you don’t tell, you don’t sell.” We probably have the best product or offer a better service, but if nobody knows where to find us, our sales will not increase.

The Internet is a tool that revolutionized business, so in this article I will present some tips to increase your sales through the Internet. It is very important to follow up on of each of them as soon as possible, and accompany them with marketing strategies and a business plan.

1. Having a professional and concise website. The website should be professional with accurate descriptions of the product or service offered and real photos. A web site is like the cover letter of the company that should be continuously selling 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

2. Positioning the website in search engines. 80% of all searches are on Google, and it is very important to appear in the first two pages of results. This strategy takes between 4 and 6 months to achieve, depending on the number of competitors and the keywords used.

3. Social Media. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube are one of the best strategies to keep in touch with consumers and clients. Social networks are like the public relations department of the company.

4. Email marketing. The concept of email marketing is simple. It consists in sending emails to customer databases. E-mail is a powerful tool, but it must be carried out in a detailed and professional way with a clear strategy.

5. Search Engine Optimization. I recommend strengthening strategies with paid ads on Google or on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is best that these are administered by experts.

6. Control and Measurement. One of the positive aspects of the Internet is that we can measure the results and take control of decisions. We will know how many people visit, how long they are on the website, whose content is the most visited, how many sales are generated, and so on.

Here are some of my recommendations, no doubt each of them must be individualized to your business in order to achieve the desired goal: increase sales.

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