Stay Hydrated this Summer


Best Foods and Drinks to Stay Hydrated this Summer


It is certainly hot out there! With the high temperature the risk for dehydration is greater than any other season of the year. And children are at higher risk for dehydration than adults. And although we all know water is the number one choice to quench the thirst, it is crucial to remember we need to drink water before we feel thirsty.


Here are some symptoms of potential dehydration you need to watch out for:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Thirst
  • Decreased urine output (usually similar to the color of apple juice) and strong smell.
  • Weakness and rapid heartbeat are symptoms of SEVERE dehydrations and need to be treated immediately.

Some favorite drinks for the summer are sodas, slushies’, sweetened iced tea and beer. The downside to these options is that they are all loaded with added sugars and calories, artificial colors and flavors and no nutritional value or benefit. Beer and coffee are actually diuretics, meaning they make you visit the restroom very often, leading dehydration.

But here are some foods and drinks that are not only delicious, but are also very high in water, keeping you hydrated.

Foods                                                                    Drinks (other than water)           

  • Watermelon                                                      Naturally brewed tea (then iced).
  • Lettuces                                                               Plain Seltzer water with lemon wedge
  • Cucumbers (perfect for snacking)            Homemade lemonade sweetened with agave or honey
  • Oranges                                                               Hibiscus Flower iced tea
  • Tomatoes                                                            Coconut water (plain)
  • Strawberries                                                      Rice milk spiced with cinnamon                                                               

Suellen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in the Rochester, NY area.  Connect with her at or follow her on Instagram at @Suellen_Pineda

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