Repeating Positive Affirmation

“Repeating positive affirmations works wonders, and I am now getting in the habit of thinking positive thoughts as well. If a negative thought pops up, I notice it right away and use a positive thought to replace it. This is fun, as I find that my thoughts really are creating my life. I feel better than I ever have!” Louise Hay 2011 Affirmation Calendar

Is this all true? On some levels, for some of us. Yes, there are plenty of mornings when I wanted to ‘stick that day’s affirmation where the sun does not shine’! However, it is my CHOICE; and I CHOSE to exercise the muscle of existing as a contributory force. What is a ‘contributory force’? This is when I choose to live in manner where I give to life as opposed to depleting from life.

An example begins with my thoughts. When I awake, each morning, there is an ‘audience’ awaiting to ‘guide’ the day. I can choose to pick the negative, depressing and sadistic group of voices OR the humble, thankful and constructive alliance. That’s what it means when the above quote says–”I am now getting in the habit of thinking positive thoughts as well.”

We may not all agree that this if “fun”. Sometimes it sucks. So does Chemotherapy, war, and psychotherapy (to name a few). It’s called life. The point is that we are all here and more fortunate than the majority of the world.

What will you do with your lemons today? What does your lemonade look like?

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