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Healthy Journey Now: Lose the Weight-Gain Control of Your Life!

Healthy Journey Now is Abraham Hernandez’s new Life Coaching site.  With this online weight loss coaching outlet, Hernandez is eager to reach out and help those individuals battling with being overweight and obesity.  As a personal coach, Hernandez will be able to offer individualized coaching sessions―via Skype or phone― specifically designed with the person’s own health goals in mind.

Having experienced the negative and impactful consequences of obesity for so many years, Hernández knows very clearly that there’s no quick fix for losing weight and keeping it off long term.  He knows first-hand how challenging life can be for people struggling with obesity, after all, he suffered from obesity most of his life. Fortunately, six years ago, Hernández made the decision to change his life forever by permanently adopting a healthier lifestyle and behaviors that include healthier food choices as well as becoming physically active through walking.

The change was not only evident at a physical level― which was undoubtedly obvious to friends, family and the community―but it actually sparkled Hernandez’s great desire to help those enduring the same physical, emotional and economic consequences he went through before his dramatic two-hundred pound-weight loss.

“The weight loss industry alone makes billions of dollars annually on the backs of so many people to [whom] these companies hurt every day.” Seeing this happen all around him, Hernandez couldn’t just stand by and watch without doing something.  This is why Hernandez decided to create his own coaching site to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Hernández is especially concerned for younger generations who are experiencing high levels of being overweight and obesity more than ever before.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC estimates that about 17% of children and adolescents ages 2-19 are obese.  Likewise, CDC reports that more than a third of the entire adult population in the US is obese.  Latinos are particularly affected by the current obesity crisis.  It is estimated that 77% or Latino adults are considered obese or overweight.

Healthy Journey Now is the ‘missing link’ a lot of people trying to lose weight can’t find; the right support from someone who has been there before! This is exactly what Hernandez aims to do for people looking for answers to their weight problems. Hernandez sympathizes with those who spend so much time and money in trying to find quick fixes.  Successful weight loss requires not only the clear-cut ‘calories in-calories out’ equation, but rather the right state of mind to visualize, plan, commit and ultimately to attain results.

Personal coaching has allowed Hernández to connect with people and offer a supportive environment that is conducive to openness and mutual collaboration to ensure greater weight loss success. Hernandez clearly understands that support plays a huge role in helping people lose weight, feel good about it, and most importantly in empowering individuals to fully believe weight loss is achievable.  “I feel the pain for those people,” “I want to provide them with the right tools and show them the way out of that misery,” Hernandez says.

Through Healthy Journey Now, Hernandez shares his own weight loss experiences to attest to the positive results one can achieve with the right support and motivation.  “I want to show people how they could lose weight naturally, over time, without drugs, quick fixes and [weight loss surgeries] by sharing my own experience with walking and managing the proportion of food intake.”

“A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realizing it’s not going to happen overnight,” affirms Hernandez vehemently.


Connect with Abraham at:
(585) 503-5690
Facebook: Healthy Journey Now

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