The IRS made changes that are affecting filings

IRS Strengthens ITIN Application Requirements; Interim Changes Will Protect the Integrity of the ITIN Process

On June 22, 2012 the IRS made changes that are affecting previous and future filings.  If you have filed for an ITIN before June 22.2012 and it was not processed, you will get a letter to send in proper documents according to the new requirements.

So, what are the new requirements?  All the same documents are still required; the only difference is that they must be certified from the originator, or the original itself. You can no longer submit a notarized copy as allowed in the past. On the bright side you are given ample time to correct this and mail in the proper documents. The bad news, if you do not do it by the date stated on your letter your W7 applications will be denied and you will have to file a new W7.

This can prove inconvenient but not impossible.  If you mail in your originals the IRS will return it to you in 60 days.  If you request original certified copies of your birth certificate, medical or school records, these entities will provide them free of charge or for a minimal fee.

The benefits of having your personal identification number ITIN are, first and foremost, you can file your taxes and in some cases earn child credit for your children if you are from Canada or Mexico.  With your ITIN and your passport you can open a saving and checking account at an international bank such as Bank of America.  This will eliminate any check cashing issues; you will get a debit card that you can also use as a credit card and photo identification.

You may be hesitant to deal directly with the IRS and I assure you that is the case even with those who have a social security number.  That is what tax preparers are here for.  If you would like help correcting a filing, filing for an ITIN or just have questions as to how to get this all done, feel free to call me.  I am happy to help you navigate matter and file properly.  I have been advocating for and helping the immigrant and migrant population with a variety of income tax issues and yes, I am bilingual.  (732) 889-4399

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