Myth that Deer Hunting is for POPULATION Control

It is ironic that deer have been murdered in Fayetteville, New York, supposedly to reduce the herd (although such a strategy is temporary), while the Bureau of Wildlife Management of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation encourages the growth of the herd in other areas of NYS. This is because the deer population is managed to ensure there are always surplus deer for sport hunters to “harvest.”   For example, the Bureau reports that  deer populations in Wildlife Management Units 6F and 6J have been declining, so “harvest “of antlerless deer is now prohibited during the early muzzleloader season in these units. Coupled with mild conditions this past winter, reducing the “harvest” of antlerless deer should prevent further population decline and stimulate growth, the Bureau says. My interpretation is that the Bureau has managed for a temporary reduction in the number of deer killed so that the population can rebound for better hunting later.


The excerpts below are from the C.A.S.H. COURIER from the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, Fall, 2015. Although the statistics are from New Jersey, the management strategy in NYS is the same.

-“The Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) consecutive annual reports, 2008 – 2014, showed constantly that 58% – 59% of the Deer Management Zones were managed for population increase – not reduction.” 

– “The DFW’s true mission is to gain hunter access in these areas, but covertly insure that the population will not decrease in the future…” 

– “The comprehensive investigation covered six years and compiled documents…”

– “One could assume that the DFW is obscuring its strategy for each zone, and protecting itself from such allegations as have been made by Public Trust Wildlife Management.”


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This article was translated in to Spanish by Rob English


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