We Depend on Volunteers!

Volunteers constitute 96 percent of the total American Red Cross work force. It is because of them that we are able to carry on our humanitarian work, including:

  • Every year the Red Cross responds to more than 70,000 disasters-including approximately 150 home fires every day.
  • About 11 million Americans turn to us to learn first aid, CPR, swimming, and other health and safety skills.  Last year, more than 158,000 people volunteered to teach those courses.
  • Half the nation’s blood supply-six million pints annually-is collected by more than 155,000 Red Cross volunteers.
  • Among our emergency services for men and women of the armed forces is the delivery of urgent family messages-around the clock and around the globe.

In our community, we always need volunteers.  However, now more than ever, we are in need of Bilingual Volunteers. Bilingual volunteers are important to the Red Cross because they can provide translations in the community to better help meet the Red Cross mission. The inspiration to work as a bilingual volunteer with the Red Cross is that their knowledge, attitudes and skills can help others feel important, valuable and can help get the community members what they need.

The Red Cross is creating more opportunities for Bilingual Volunteers wishing to help the local Red Cross. These volunteers are also provided with training to enhance Bilingual Red Cross services in all communities. Red Cross Bilingual Services include :

•Interpreting for non-English speakers so they can receive Red Cross services.
• Helping victims of fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, winter storms and other disasters.
• Facilitating emergency communications between military personnel and their families
•Providing community services to a large number of elderly, homeless and disabled.
• Adding experience and knowledge to their professional experiences.
•Helping to locate victims of war or disaster and reunite families separated by the Holocaust.
•Occupying leadership positions in local offices.

Contact your local American Red Cross to become a volunteer. The American Red Cross of Central New York has offices in Syracuse, Auburn, Oneida and Oswego. To get exact addresses and phone numbers call 315-234-2200.

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