Struvite Crystals are life threatening to Cats

Struvite Crystals are life threatening to Cats

by Annette Bailey

Spanish Translation by Rob English

Struvite Crystals are life threatening; a cat can die in 48-72 hours. Crystals are usually found in only male cats. A cat may try to urinate with little or no output. They may cry out or go frequently into the litter box. Symptoms are serious. Rush kitty to a vet. It’s an emergency so the vet will check for urinary blockage.

Dr. Randy Wysong (maker of cat/dog food) said “it’s not enough to get the grains out of cat food, you must get starch out too. “Pea, rice flour, etc. can cause crystals to grow.

Bacteria and crystals get into the urinary tract; a cat could have both a urinary tract infection and struvite crystals.

To avoid struvite:

1)  Lower stress for kitty

2)  Feed them small frequent meals

3)  No fish

4)  No grains or starches

5)  Very little veggies (esp. peas)

6)  Feed them raw meat (like Rad Cat)

Feeding Suggestions (Available at Dog Daze Pet food store):

1)  Rad Cat – Raw meat

2)  Evangers-  Organic braised chicken-canned

3)  Weruva- canned  and non-GMO

4)  Verus-  (combo cans)

5)  Pumpkin- good for urinary tract

6)  Know Better Pet Food-(online)

Holistic Help:

Read the book Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets by Lisa Newman. Her Azmira products: Kidni Flow, Kidni Biotic, Super vitamin C, Immunostim’er Found at Dog Daze or Azmira website Crystal Clear-  at Natur-Tyme Food with DL-Methione in it-  Maintains cats urine ph at around 6 to discourage crystal formation.

Don’t  feed  cheap food  like Purina claiming to stop urinary problems. These foods can over acidify urine and create Oxilate crystals.

Annette is a board member of People for Animal Rights. People for Animal Rights can be reached at PAR, P.O. Box 15358, Syracuse, NY 13215-0358, (315) 488-PURR (7877) between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. or See

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