Parallels Between Skydiving & Living #2

Skydiving revealed many similarities with daily living as well as accelerating a new friendship with my skydiving partner, Jamie.  While we drove out to Triangle Skydiving Center, Jamie and I, deepened our connection and awareness of one another through candid conversation.  Our first discovery was that we are each going through similar personal situations.  The comfort felt by each of us allowed a ‘safe place’ for sharing our thoughts, feelings & experiences.   Both of us face our challenges by remaining focused on love and respect for ourselves, families and those around us.  

Observe the people and circumstances that surround you.  What do you notice?.  Many of our experiences are directly similar or opposite of our encounters.  “What?,” you may be thinking.  “That doesn’t make any sense.  How can you say that something is both similar and opposite?”  Here are some anonymous examples:

**The common similarity-type ‘law of attraction’ happens when we meet people with the same interests in sports, music, art, education, social activities, family types, culture, religion, and financial status (to name a few).

**Someone that is going through a divorce may perceive that an increased number of others are, also, going through divorce.

**A recently discovered sickness in the family may be coupled with a friend that, also, acquires this disease and so on.

**Sometimes we correspond with each other based on rarely understood or known characteristics such as specific philosophies, crises, emotions or secrets!

It’s comforting to discover that others are going through similar or worse struggles than ourselves.  When we use the learning that has been gained from the struggle to serve others; that’s the ‘frosting on the cake’!

What is inside of you that is, also, showing up in other parts of your life?

What does it say to you? What will you do about it?


Olga is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach & Mentor who passionately inspires and motivates clients desiring to realize and achieve their life purpose to their fullest potential through a system of perspectives. She encourages her clients to see the world and its many opportunities in a new way by learning to step fearlessly into their roles as leaders at work, in their family, and within the community.


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