I Learned what really drives Academic Achievement


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As a former successful NYC teacher, teacher-in-charge of cafeterias, group guidance teacher, guidance counselor and athletic coach I would like to share some ideas I learned creating and inspiring significant academic and athletic achievement together with my classroom students and with my sports teams.

I Learned What Really Drives Academic Achievement

I learned during my teaching/counseling/coaching years in NYC’s school system that when we address academic performance the classroom teacher is the singular most powerful……the singular most impactful…….the singular most inspiring driver of academic achievement.

Academic Achievement is not only about classroom subject matter, classroom structure and classroom systems. It is also very, very much about passionate inspiration……passionate inspiration found with students and teachers working hard together in a learning and growing and achieving relationship…..passionate inspiration found in a disciplined supportive classroom environment where together student and teacher are reaching their academic potential.

I learned Academic Achievement is about every student and every educator in a school system exceeding their personal best in pursuit of a unifying vision…..a unifying vision of academic achievement and academic greatness. Teachers who have the courage to be inspired and the courage to inspire their students with such a vision are the most powerful classroom drivers of Student and Teacher Academic Performance. Together inspirational teachers everywhere stand for nothing is impossible!

Teachers/Coaches/Counselors at all Levels of Education

The Mediocre Teacher tells students
The Good Teacher explains to students
The Superior Teacher demonstrates to students
The Exceptional Teacher inspires students

I Learned Inspiring Teachers “Ignite” Students’ Achievement

An inspiring teacher knows inspiration first begins with him. Inspiration comes forth from within herself first and foremost and then spreads to her students It’s what “the light burning within ME” is all about.

Inspiring teachers first ignite the unlimited teaching potential within themselves….then they ignite the unlimited learning potential that lies within all young people and together, in a teaching/learning/achieving relationship they produce inspiring academic results.

An inspiring teacher knows a teacher needs to feel good about himself before he can positively impact others. She knows in her heart her students need to feel good about themselves before they can light their own “inner motivation.” An inspiring teacher knows the best way to feel good is to continually grow and appreciate yourself and to continually grow and appreciate others.

An inspiring teacher knows we teach through the power of our example…the power of our thoughts, the power of our feelings, and the power of our actions. An inspiring teacher knows his own level of inspiration will be reflected in the performance of his students. An inspiring teacher knows that student academic performance speaks loudly and emphatically to his teacher-student relationship.

An inspiring teacher knows that her students will in time forget what she said, her students in time will forget what she did, but her students will never ever ever forget how she made them feel. An inspiring teacher wants every child and every parent to know, loudly and clearly, that they deserve every conceivable opportunity to win in her classroom…….and I as their teacher have a white hot obligatory responsibility to give it to them.

An inspiring teacher knows that inspiration has passionately taken hold in her classroom when students and teacher are fully engaged together- when they together demonstrate a strong, sustained intellectual and emotional attachment to their work and to their expected academic results.

Inspiring teachers are most powerful when their personal ambitions are transcended by the lasting impact they wish to have on their students, on their students’ parents and on their communities. Inspiring teachers are most powerful saying things like “I want to transform my students and I want to transform myself”…….. ‘I want to make an inspiring contribution to my students” ………..“I want to revolutionize student-teacher academic performance”……… “I want to leave within each of my students a passionate belief in their own unlimited potential…..a passionate belief in their own unlimited potential to achieve”…….. “I want my students to be set up for …..I want my students to passionately believe in, even greater future success for themselves”….. ‘I want to fill my students with self appreciation, fill them with self-confidence in the belief that their focused disciplined work and their passionate commitment are the keys to their future achievement anywhere…… anytime…….and under any conditions.”

I Learned the Achieving Belief System of an Inspiring Teacher

An inspiring teacher passionately embraces an Achieving Belief System, an Achieving Mindset, a set of Values that is the driving, compelling, motivating force behind everything she does with her students. An inspiring teacher knows that his Achieving Belief System is contagious. It wins supporters. It’s self-fulfilling. Her Achieving Belief System is at the very foundation of her classroom’s achievement culture. An inspiring teacher’s Achieving Belief System totally defines his relationships with youngsters, with parents, with peers and with administrators.

An inspiring teacher passionately knows …..passionately embraces that the essential difference between powerful inspiring emotion and rational logical reason is that her inspiring emotion drives student-teacher action, drives student-teacher growth and drives student-teacher academic achievement………….while reason simply leads to conclusions.

An inspiring teacher passionately believes Academic Achievement is about understanding and embracing our unlimited potential as students and teachers. An inspiring teacher passionately believes that Academic Achievement is an act of the wills of the students and teachers working together totally focused on Academic Achievement. An inspiring teacher passionately believes that every child and every teacher can be inspired to achieve. Every child and every teacher can grow stronger and more confident in overcoming academic challenges. An inspiring teacher is “on fire” with the belief that academic achievement is available to any and all students, to any and all teachers willing to commit to hard work, willing to commit to a focused disciplined effort and willing to commit to a continuously growing belief in one self. An inspiring teacher wants one day for each of her students to loudly proclaim, “My future isn’t in front of me. It’s inside of me.”

An inspiring teacher passionately embraces Self-confidence as the lifeblood of academic success. An inspiring teacher passionately teaches with a deep personal commitment to each child’s growth…….growth in their self confidence and growth in their academic performance. Without any hesitation inspiring teachers know the key to growth in Academic Achievement is inseparably linked to growth in a child’s self-image……growth in a child’s confidence…….growth in a child’s self appreciation. Without any hesitation inspiring teachers stand for “The Teacher – Student relationship is the most important, the most powerful, the most impactful factor in driving Academic Performance and building Student and Teacher Confidence.”

An inspiring teacher passionately embraces his own learning. An Inspiring teacher has a ferocious insatiable appetite for learning subject matter and a ferocious insatiable appetite for inspiring her students. Inspiring teachers embrace the teaching relationship as their own personal and powerful way to learn, their own powerful way to grow, their own powerful way to further develop their own inspiring effectiveness with their students. Inspiring teachers are eager to learn about all people and how people dream and how people achieve. An inspiring teacher actively and continually applies their own learning with their students to further grow and develop and inspire academic achievement in their classrooms.

An inspiring teacher passionately embraces and enthusiastically fosters supportive and inspiring relationships with students’ parents, passionately emphasizing belief in each and every child’s ability to grow academically; passionately emphasizing continuous hard focused work and perseverance as the keys to academic development and academic achievement of every child. The singular focus of the classroom is Academic Performance. Without any hesitation inspiring teachers stand for…… Their Teacher – Student relationship is the most important, most powerful, most impactful factor in driving Academic Performance and building Student and Teacher Confidence.

My Value Focused Proposition To You and To Your Network: To have an inspiring exploratory conversation with Educational and Public Service Executives (at all levels) who are passionately and enthusiastically interested in developing inspiring young teachers and training inspiring student teachers as a real pathway to student academic achievement in their classrooms.

Please email or call for our inspiring telephone appointment. Please pass this on to others who are passionately interested in Student Academic Achievement.


Joe White

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