Books – September 2013

Lucky Me: The Life and Times of Lucky Cesar  

Lucky Me: The Life and Times of Lucky Cesar is the unbelievably true story of one young man’s struggle with day to day life growing up in an environment where one could only hope to see another day. 

Having witnessed horrific tragedies at an early age, his story is told with an uncompromising matter-of-factness. Lucky Me takes you behind the statistics, social theory and stereotypes to introduce you to a world that is crueler than fiction and at times more beautiful than we can imagine. For a “lucky” kid from the South Bronx born to a drug addicted father and abandoned at birth by his mother, this reality was only the beginning.

How long can a child survive bullets, beatings and emotional abuse? The answer is surprising and each moment during Lucky Cesar’s journey will inspire and help you realize how we all have a little bit of luck on our side.

About the Author: Julio Jordan grew up in the South Bronx during the birth of crack, AIDS and the worse murder rates NYC has ever seen. By the time he was 10 years old, he had witnessed what most people won’t in an entire lifetime. He raised himself on the cold streets of the south Bronx. Jordan states, “My goal is to share my journey with you and take you on a walk through the realities of my life; the chapters that make me who I am. We all have a story to tell; problem is most of us are never able to tell it! I refuse to let my experiences, struggles and pain end in vain. I hope through my stories you are able find some peace in your own life or help others to find peace in theirs. This is my goal, this is my ultimate purpose.”

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